Friday, August 6, 2021

Upping my arts time

One of my dreams for my 70’s that has been put on hold because of the pandemic is getting a new lease on life as I find alternative means to pursue it.

In the past I had been privileged to live on locations that gave me fabulous access to visual and theatre arts. Now I live in an area where that is less accessible or less easily accessible I should say.

So right now I am finding ways to increase my arts experiences within the constraints of where I live currently.

I watched to movie The Dig which led me me to a treasure trove of YouTube videos about the Sutton Hoo finds and fabulous virtual curator tours of amazing Angol-Saxon artifacts and artistry as well as the true story and history.

I happened upon a NPR story about the New Women and Photography which led met to the Metropolitan Art Museum YouTube on the exhibit. Also is the history of amazing and enterprising women. Both sides of my family had men who were early professional photographers but no women. I did have a great grandmother who earned her living as a hat maker and seamstress but no longer desire to sew. Check out the exhibit tour by the curator - The New Woman Behind the Camera

Then I made a personal commitment to spending more time in the right side of my brain (being a heavily left brain dominant person it is a relief and restorative to switch sides). I pulled out and made accessible my drawing supplies and started in on a page of this book that appealed to me at the moment.

My Dad was a very talented artist and took over my grandparents photography studio in Champaign, IL and in retirement did portraits with pastels. I don’t have his talent or patience but it is enjoyable.

I’ve decided to pay the membership fee for the local artist collective gallery so I can access member benefits and get notices about exhibits and lectures. We did that when we first moved here but the pandemic turned me inward and it is time to change that.

Next time we go to Berkeley to visit family I’m going to see if there is any exhibit of some sort that will appeal to my granddaughter. I do art projects with her and would like to take her to a gallery.


  1. What a great goal and one we share. Can wait to follow your process alone.

  2. Thank goodness for online access to almost anything and everything. Such a convenience to be able to art galleries and museums from the comfort of home. Great idea to take your grand daughter to an exhibit. We never know when there might be a spark that leads to their talents. My little grand daughter started showing interest in the piano, on her last visit, so I'm going to try to "do music" whenever we're together. So much fun!

    1. It is a joy to share their interests as they pop up! Mine still loves her STEM Kiwi crates and apparently is now into examining and collecting rocks along with all sorts of other things.

    2. Isn't the internet wonderful. So many videos on art, dance, and music. So many places one can visit if traveling is what you want to do.

      Glad you are finding ways to use the right side of your brain.

      God bless.

  3. Glad to catch up with you. Whole heartedly agree that you need to get back to your art in some form or fashion. Are you reading the book club's August read, The Personal Librarian? It has been very interesting to me. And is based on the life of a real librarian and art curator. I am learning about precious manuscripts and art while reading.
    I like doing art with my babies, too, but there never seems to be enough time. I hate that we are always rushed. Maybe next week I will ask to pick up Lucia from school and just do an art project with her.
    Interested in that book. Will check it out. Another blogger I follow, Denyse Whelan did an index card a day challenge. I got in on it very late and did a few of the index card challenges. That might be fun to toy with. I think I will try to do a few of the prompts and then put a reminder in my calendar to join up next year.

    1. I’m still waiting for the library to get to me with The Personal Librarian but am looking forward to it. I’m about through the pile of books I acquired pre-surgery when I bought a lot. I’ll check out the index card art site. Thanks.

  4. Back again...I checked out the 365 Days of Creativity and I love it!! Please, please share some of your work with us. I am going to order it right now. Found this quick YouTube book flip and love the projects included in it. SOLD!!


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