Thursday, August 5, 2021

Thankful Thursday August 5th

The week started off really well.

- I started walking with just the walking boot and no crutch. A bit slower but still progress!

- Despite all the news reports of passport renewals taking forever we received ours 7 weeks after mailing the applications via priority mail. Not planning to go anywhere needing one but it’s good for 10 years so I am hopeful about future travel and thankful to have this identification up to date.

- Received a cute emailed picture of my granddaughter from her other grandma who is filling in as babysitter for a bit. I’m very thankful that she often thinks to do this.

And that was just last Thursday. So the rest of the week included the following.

- Hubby had a long lunch with a friend on Friday and didn’t want a regular dinner so suggested he bring home takeout from the restaurant for my dinner. Thankful he thought of that and enjoyed my shrimp tacos, Spanish rice and steamed veggies.

- Stash green chai tea with honey.

- Tech problem solutions found on the internet. Wireless keyboards have batteries - duh. I showed how thankful I was to have a working keyboard by actually cleaning it.

- Hubby taking me for an outing of a scenic drive followed by a Mr. Frosty swirl cup. Counting as our first August date even though it wasn’t night!

- Having a friend over for lunch and a nice long visit.

- I finished that last of my supply of pre-cooked breakfast food and am thankful it worked out so well for post surgery.

- I am going to start slowly weaning myself out of  The Boot today.

Hmmm, food seems to be a big part of this week’s list but I’ll blame the pandemic and surgery recovery lol.

I better add on lovely phone calls with both sons, a senior dog who has been quite playful as of late and the general wonderfulness of good health and nice neighbors and friends.


  1. Great list this week. I had that same tech issue once with my keyboard and solved it the same way after hours of frustration. The next time it happened it only took me 15 minutes to have that 'duh' light bulb go off in my head.

    1. How funny - I do seem to remember that the wireless mouse has a battery because it needs replacing more often.

  2. You've had another good week! Congratulations on walking with the boot, minus a crutch. That has to be encouraging. I agree that nothing brings a smile to my face and a tug to my heartstrings than a picture of my grand daughter and phone visits with the kids. Family is a gift, for sure. Hoping you continue to navigate well!

  3. Your August date sounds like the perfect outing to soothe the soul. You are just so darn brave to go through all that recovery. I hope you're dancing in the streets soon.

    1. Thanks. It does take time to recover but the payoff is increase pain free mobility the rest of my life. And shoes will be easier to buy as a bonus.

    2. Thanks. It does take time to recover but the payoff is increase pain free mobility the rest of my life. And shoes will be easier to buy as a bonus.


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