Thursday, August 26, 2021

Thankful Thursday August 26

 I am especially thankful that I got to spend a brief time with my friend who’s husband died last week from cancer and give her a hug. Her family is in town and holding a private memorial service.

Also thankful that -

We aren’t seeing any shortages in our supermarkets here yet although the price of some meat has gone up significantly.

Blue Cross finally reached agreement on a multi year contract with our health care providers and local hospital so they are back in network.

They weather has been mild although quite overcast mostly in the morning. We are not melting in the heat like so many.

Seeing the tiniest hummingbird feeding in little flowers in our patio. I couldn’t tell if it was a different variety than usual or just a juvenile but it was charming. I did look it up and we do get both Allen’s and Anna’s hummingbirds so maybe it was the rarer smaller one. Loved seeing it no matter what kind!

Our retractable screen door hasn’t been working well and we do love to have fresh air circulating so we’re going to have it replaced not knowing how old it was. After finding a new one would be $500 (which we can afford gut really?) Hubby tried spraying some WD40 in the track and it slides like new. Fixed for now.

Our fancy schmancy coffee grinder got clogged so I’m very thankful for the company’s detailed online instructions about how to fix that but wish it hadn’t taken an hour lol!


  1. All of these are such good ones...but too bad about that hour online search.

  2. Replies
    1. Turns out they didn’t want to piss off a million California customers I guess.

  3. Wonderful things to be thankful for.

    God bless.

  4. We need our friends, especially when we go through pain and loss. Glad you were able to spend time with yours. Many good things on your list--your hubby's WD40 solution to your screen door made me smile. When all else fails, try WD40--my gosh, saving $500 is a very good thing!

    1. Even better than saving $500 was eliminating the struggle with the door.

  5. I love WD-40. When in doubt I pull it out. I don't have the strength I used to have so it helps with that too.


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