Monday, June 14, 2021

Medical equipment and medical supply closets

 I knew that Leisure Village has a small medical supply closet and for my last foot surgery I was able to borrow a shower chair from them but not crutches. 

A friend mentioned that the local Methodist church has a large medical supply closet so I checked it out this morning and it is wonderful. Lots of crutches, canes, walking boots, walkers, a wheelchair, etc. So I borrowed a really nice pair of crutches and they will take my walking boot when I am done with it.

They took my contact info in case a shower chair is returned or donated. I'll check the supply here too.

So now I have to rent a knee scooter as that is essential and that part of surgery prep is done. Onward.


  1. When is your surgery? Sending good vibes and well wishes.

  2. Good thinking. Those are definitely the things we need to share. I hope the chair pops up too.

  3. We have something called Sask Abilities and they will loan out things like that. We got Kris's shower chair from there and it worked a treat. We also got a raised toilet seat, and a grabber so he didn't have to try and bend.

    Hope you find your chair very soon.

    God bless.

  4. What a great idea--sharing medical equipment--and it makes good sense. Often, a person only needs medical gear for a short while, so it's great to be able to pass it on when we're finished with it.

  5. Glad to catch up with you. I have switched from following blogs on Bloglovin' to Feedly but I worried that I lost some blogs in the transition. And then I am perpetually so far behind on my blog reading. But I am finally here.

    Glad you discovered these loaner medical supplies. Oh, the things that were in the closets and storage bins at my mom's former retirement community. Dozens of walkers, wheelchairs, shower chairs. We had Mom's wheelchair parked in a storage closet with her name on it and it was 'borrowed'. When it got time to move her, we couldn't find it anywhere. Turned out the facility was using it!! They had removed her name and taken it to use with residents who needed to be rolled out to their transportation van. Oh, well, we got it back.

    Hope your surgery goes well. I am trying to get PC to sign PoAs and DNRs but it is like pulling teeth. We don't like to think about things like that but they can be very important.

    Take care of yourself. Let us know you are doing okay. Big hugs!!


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