Thursday, December 17, 2020

Thankful Thursday #13 - Dec 17th

 We came  home on Monday after a lovely long visit with our younger son and his family. Five days of providing childcare included. 

1. Lovely sunsets over San Francisco and the bay with a glimpse of the Golden Gate Bridge from their living room window. The view is always different.

2. FaceTiming with our other son and DIL and the ones we are with all at once. Got to see their relationship in action.

3. Watching our granddaughter sing along to and dramatically act out Elsa’s Showstopper songs from Frozen 2.

4. Seeing our son grow and adapt as a terrific fun and patient father as his daughter grows and changes.

5. An uneventful drive home in good weather while the electoral college confirmed Biden and Harris.

6. Finding our good neighbor not only watered our plants and brought in the mail but also took out our recycling for pickup and sorted our mail. I put together a thank you gift bag of the chocolates they love.

7. We checked off doing 11 days laundry, getting groceries and processing all the mail in one day. Bonus points for getting the dog’s rabies shot and kudos to her vet for a successful med plan to avoid the bad reaction she had 3 years ago.

8. I had nice long phone chats with my brother and a friend plus a chatty email from another friend.

9. We talked with our local son and DIL and agreed to go forward with our plan for them to visit for a long Christmas weekend as we all are being super careful.

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