Thursday, October 15, 2020

Thankful Thursday #4

This is the month I am catching up on the routine doctor and dentist appointments delayed by the start of the pandemic and then my foot surgery.

So this week I am especially thankful for no change in my eye health and an up to date ophthalmologist who I really trust. And no cavities or other dental problems even though 8 months since I had a dental exam. I turned down a fluoride treatment so that made the visit less expensive too.

In the rest of our life, I am thankful for

1. Having such a nice office space with a great view that is even better now that it has been spruced up and better use made of the space. All I bought were a small folding table, new mouse pad and cable straps to corral cords.

2. That we still can make each other laugh and have meaningful conversations after all these years.

3. The members of my social and service club who have risen to the challenge of our inability to hold fundraising events and instead made substantial donations to fund our  scholarships and other charitable giving. So far we can give two of our $1500 scholarships plus some donations to community organizations.

4. Having ended up in a small but compassionate city that offers so much to residents through it’s health district and senior council programs and services. I had no idea until we had a program about them for our virtual October club meeting.

5. Finding we are well supplied with first aid and over the counter meds for in the house. Now to check the dog’s meds and OTC items plus our bug out bag in the car.

6. So happy we can get good take out meals when the cooking marathon gets to us. Monday night was when it happened this week lol.


  1. Counting blessings is a spirit lifter, especially in difficult times like these.

  2. You've got a lot to be thankful for and it helps to remind ourselves when we do.

  3. There is always so much to be thankful for. I am glad you reminded me.

    God bless.

  4. My wife and I were just talking last night at dinner. We are both very grateful for something we usually take for granted: the ability to take a hot shower!

    1. Oh yes! And running water on demand 24 hours a day.


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