Monday, August 24, 2020

Brownies! Clothes order! Oh the excitement!

 I have decided that the critical piece of equipment missing from my surgery recovery arrangements is a small wheeled bar/kitchen cart so multiple things can be moved at once. Nevertheless my desire for chocolate meant I clumped across the kitchen many times and managed to make brownies. In fact eating one right now.

I also realized that my easily laundered short sleeve tops are mostly getting worn out and placed an order with JJill for three I hope will work out. I found myself being much less picky than usual as the pandemic looks like it will stretch on rather long and couch wear seems to be the dress code. Case in point is that I am wearing leggings and a long tee today. Comfort rules as long as they fit and I like the color.

We are slowly removing things that were put in place for early recovery so the house is starting to look more normal. It does need a good cleaning though Hubby has kept up with the essentials.

And I actually have something to look forward to as our local son and DIL are coming out on Sunday to celebrate my 71st birthday. Yeah for plans!

How is your week starting off.


  1. Your week is off to a great start. Me, well busy here with getting things that are ripe out of the garden and processing them for the winter.

    I am also almost finished making the filters for our masks and will start to cut out more very soon. I would like to have lots for when Kurt comes home for him to take back for his students.

    God bless.

  2. Sometimes you simply have to have chocolate!! It sounds as though you're getting along a little better every day. I've seen some nice, small carts on Amazon--hope you find one that works. Enjoy this time of looking forward to your birthday. It will be so nice to have a family celebration!

  3. Happy birthday! One you will never forget I am sure!

    Yesterday was the first day in three weeks that we sat outside- the humidity has been running at about 80% and yesterday it finally fell back into the 60%'s - what a difference! It was sooo nice to spend the evening out in our backyard.

  4. Happy Birthday...oh to be 71 again.

    Brownies cure a multitude of things, don't they.

  5. Brownies are worth the steps to gather ingredients. :) Yea for birthday plans AND new clothes on the way!


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