Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Week 9: So far this week just getting stuff done

I forgot to mention that little Poodle girl has a haircut booked! So she will be all spiffed up and comfortable to keep me company while I recover from surgery. I'm not going to be as lucky though so I'm thinking it will be late July or August before I can get a haircut. Last one was Feb 28th.

Moving on to what is possible to get done.

- Did the basic iPad set up. Now I need to practice using it before I set up anything else lol. I have not been an Apple product user before and it is rather a challenge to do everything differently.

- Donated to a fundraiser for our granddaughter's nursery school/day care to try to help it survive. Tragic how day care is going to disappear if governments don't help them survive. How are people going to go back to work with no school or day care?

-  Given the inability to donate decluttered items I'm taking a second look at everything to see how it can be modified or used differently. Turned a pair of old capris that were very out of style into shorts that will work well for exercise walking and perhaps work with post-surgery splint/cast.

- I went to the historic clubhouse building to check out how badly the skirting needs replacing (it does) and also found that the clapboard on 2 sides probably need repainting as well. Putting it on the list for discussion and potential budget planning.

- While there picked up a stack of mindless paperback novels for recovery reading. The club has a book discussion group and a Little Library so there are always books.

- Returned the bed table/lap desk I had ordered as it was very heavy and ordered a lightweight plastic one. Saved money in the process.

- My foam foot elevating pillow arrived and although it is returnable I can't imagine how we would compress it sufficiently to get it back in the box lol.

- Read this interesting blog post about assessing scientifically the risk of catching Covid-19 in different situations. This was referenced on CNN online. It won't change my behavior but once again a calm recitation of fact is helpful.  The risks: Know how to avoid them


  1. I appreciate the article. Well written and easy to understand. Thanks Juhli!

  2. For the foam pillow, could you try the old vacuum trick? Stuff it in a plastic bag, suck the air out while pushing the bag in the box? Worth a shot maybe?


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