Saturday, May 30, 2020

End of Week 10: Focus on the good things

At the risk of sounding trite, I simply have to focus on the good small things in my life as a counterpoint to yet another senseless murder of a Black American by cops, the endless horrible actions and statements of the President, and the Covid pandemic that has taken so many lives and will continue to do so. I am not oblivious - just trying to maintain my own mental health.

So, in my little cocoon, the best good things from this week were -

1. My absolutely most favorite good thing that happened this week was that my older son and DIL asked if they could come visit. It finally dawned on me that they are having the no contact with family pains too. They drove out to have lunch with us and just hang out. Haven't seen them in person for about 3 months despite them living just an hour away. They have been so diligent in their own social distancing - probably more so than we have been. It was a wonderful dose of love and connection.

2. I asked Hubby to pick up some flowers when he did the Trader Joe's run and he came home with the vibrant bouquet above. I'm really enjoying them.

3. Then there was my continued search of the library's website to see what they are offering while closed. I managed to sign up for access to Hoopla and Kanopy and tried using the Zip Books program to order a new hardcover book purchased by the library and delivered to my door by Amazon Prime!

So happy to get the brand new book Riviera Gold by Laurie King - the next in a series I have really enjoyed. Normally you get to keep the book for 14 days and then turn it into the library in person so it can be added to their system and removed from you checked books. You can request 2 a month up to 5 a year. Joy!

4. Little poodle girl went to the groomers and came home looking spiffy and feeling much cooler.

5. My hair salon opens Monday and I'm hoping to get an appointment in the first half of June.

6. All the car required for its annual servicing was an oil change. Lots of car repair/maintenance expenses a few months ago so that was great!

Hope you had some good things happen this past week.


  1. Your husband did great picking out flowers! We could all used a little bit of brightness in our lives right now.

  2. Our library has Hoopla and Kanopy too - they offer a good range of choices! They are going to start curbside pickup of library holds soon. The books will be "quarantined" for several days before pickup is allowed.
    - Dar @ anexactinglife

  3. The flowers are beautiful and how wonderful to have a family visit!! Our library system in Toronto has been amazing during this Covid closure...with so many more e-books available. But I'm looking forward to getting back to actual books - we're going to have curbside pick-up for our holds starting sometime in June!

  4. I feel the same way. If I think too much about what is going on, I could just crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head! This man has to be defeated in November! I think my mental and physical state have deteriorated since 2016.

  5. Lovely flowers.just praying all the folks who stayed home last time because there was no perfect candidate get off their duffs

  6. How wonderful it must have been to spend time with your son and DIL! Yes, indeed, we must try to focus on the good because there's so much that is bad right now. I'd say your husband has an eye for pretty flowers. Just beautiful.

  7. Sometimes we have to focus on our own little blessings when everything around us seems to be falling apart. I have gone over the tragedy in Minnesota time and again. Cannot for the life of me imagine what that police officer was thinking and why the others there witnessing the horror was thinking (or not) as well. I just don't get it. If that police officer heard someone calling out for help, and witnessed another person to doing to George Floyd what he did himself, I would think he would have stopped the assault (murder). I just don't get it.
    Your husband certainly selected a lovely bouquet. Love the sunflower centerpiece!
    Yay for no maintenance required on your car. Mine is 12 years old. Had to have AC repaired this year but has been so faithful...knock on wood.
    Hallelujah for time with your son and daughter-in-law. We need people during the most difficult times and this has been a difficult time when being with loved ones has been prohibited. Thankful you enjoyed a good visit and I hope some hugs!


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