Friday, April 17, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Day 33: Now it will be May 15th

We got news that our county is extending the stay at home order to May 15th. I expect that will get extended too. At least we were expecting this. Some people will be feeling shocked, desperate because of lack of employment, resistant, etc. We are resigned.

Yesterday we had a discussion with our son about how it was pretty impossible to drive up to help them out even if we felt it was safe and were allowed to. No or very few restrooms open anywhere which is reasonable but a problem for a day long drive. He would love to have us come for a month or two and help with childcare as his work is very busy and our DIL is also working full time. I'm happy that they still have a good income but miss them terribly.

Carrying On:

Today it was all about little things that made for a pleasant day.

I have been watching on YouTube the old 8 episode BBC show called Wartime Kitchen and Garden. I'm on episode 6 and have liked them all except for the part about cooking a pig's head. Call me squeamish or not ready to see in quite this way the reminder of where our pork comes from.

I took my mask, non-essentials random shopping list, a 25% off coupon and $9 worth of ExtraBucks to CVS this morning. There were about 3 other shoppers and mostly they were at the pharmacy. I got all but one item on the list which made me happy and I didn't have to try to order these things from Amazon and wait a month for delivery. The one item they didn't have was a nice to have so no problem.

Made a batch of 24 pumpkin raisin pecan muffins and my taste testing shows they are really good LOL.

Talked to my across the street friend when I took the dog out - properly social distanced of course.

Later on the dog wanted a good cuddle in my lap which was nice. I let her decide when she wants pets and cuddles as she can still be jumpy when you reach for her even after all these years due to her early abusive owner. She is a very loving dog though - fortunately. If I say "May I pet you?" she almost always walks toward me and is happy.


  1. That is cute how you are so thoughtful toward your dog and ask her "may I pet you?'. I guess you could say I am resigned to the staying home, not easy but necessary.

    1. Thanks. When she came to us she would reflexively flinch when we reached for her and then relax. We wanted to help her move on from that and it worked.

  2. It's going to be interesting to see how various states decide to go forward with "opening up" due to the virus. We live in southern Illinois and have very few confirmed cases (but I think testing is still limited), but the Chicago area has been hit hard and numbers are still climbing. It doesn't seem fair to keep the entire state closed, based on Chicago's numbers, but I'm sure this same scenario is being played out across the country. In the meantime, I can myself trying to be vigilant with wearing a mask and gloves in public places and washing everything that I bring into our home. I'm an immuno-compromised senior citizen so I want to try to protect myself. Won't we be over the moon when this thing is finally past???

    1. It will be amazing when it is over! I just read about some research though in LA County with antibody testing that showed that up to 81,000 people had been infected at the time testing showed 1,000 cases so it was being spread by thousands who didn't realize they had it. That is my fear about the areas that want to open up now.

  3. I havent heard an update for Placer county but regardless we're going to stay mostly home. I'm planning on going to Safeway tomorrow but early like 7am. Then I am planning Costco( just got our rebate) maybe the first week of May. We finally did a take out pizza last night and it was good. Just nice not to have to cook:)

  4. Our state is supposed to open on the 30th latest. Out governor is very concerned about the economy and though a Democrat libertarian at heart, so if the rate remains at it is it will probably start happening in very limited ways piece by piece. I have to say even with a lifted order I will not be changing much right now. Supposedly we had our peak this week. I hesitate to drive ling distances more out of the fear of an accident or breakdown even with a good reliable up to date car because that would force contact. Much as I would live to just get out and drive....

  5. Wish our kitties were cuddlier. They want to cuddle when they want to cuddle. Which last night was from 1-5 am. We don't usually let them in our room but one snuck in as we were getting into bed and didn't show her face until we were long asleep. They both 'milk' me...I know, sounds disgusting.
    Yay for taste-testing your baked goodies. I sample so much of the pie I made yesterday, that I am sure I ate the equivalent to one whole slice before the pie was finished.


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