Sunday, March 8, 2020

March Week 1 - Weather swings, happy hour, family dinner, club activities

I'm hoping our weather settles down so my sinuses can only care about all the pollen blowing their way! Perhaps the two are connected as the uncommonly warm weather may be causing more blooming at the same time? I'm sneezing and coughing a bit which makes me feel like I am back in Atlanta. The dog also coughs and has runny eyes this time of year. She doesn't complain though and I do LOL.

Then there is the trying to figure out what to stock up on and how to prepare otherwise for a possible quarantine and/or infectious illness in the family.  Adding to our basic pantry of food, paper goods including paper plates, bowls and cups as well as toiletries to extend the time we could manage without shopping. Also adding over the counter medicines, health aids like gloves and disinfectant, and foods we don't normally eat in quantity but would if sick and had a very sore throat, etc. After discussion with Hubby that came down to juice, applesauce and soups. I might get a couple of boxes of instant pudding for me.

TAXES: We owe the IRS some taxes for 2019 and of of course our first estimated tax payment for 2020. I am hoping this is the last time we owe money as it was probably caused by under withholding for Hubby's final inherited IRA payout. We had a tiny refund from the state. This year's taxes should be very simple and I will do them myself or use the AARP tax help service there in my community.

- Hubby made me happy by going to Home Depot, getting new weatherstripping for the front door, and installing it. No more visible gap!

- Our problem window panes were replace or sealed. Yeah!

- I found out you can redeem Southwest Airlines points for gift cards. $100 worth of Amazon cards are in the mail to me!

FOOD: I did another stock up shop at Vons. Now I will try alternating Vons and Trader Joes every other week and see how it goes. I know I have to track how much we actually use of perishables in a week so I made a grocery list to note each week how much is used and what we need. I may be making more work for myself rather than less at least in the short run.

We are eating well. Dinners were:
- Sunday: Pork chop, roasted cauliflower, green salad
- Monday: Homemade veggie soup, garlic bread, oranges
- Tuesday: Thai take out
- Wednesday: Sausage with sauteed onion, peppers & cauliflower and salad
- Thursday: Veggie soup and salad
- Friday: Turkey burgers, potatoes, zucchini
- Saturday: Turkey dinner at son's house with us taking wine and apple galette

VOLUNTEERING: Against my better judgement I agreed to be nominated to be President of my service & social club which means almost surely that I will be in that role for 2 years. At least this has given me standing to say yes or no to the rest of the slate. Election is in April so we will see.

- Our DIL's parents have escaped the upper Midwest tail end of winter and are staying in Pasadena. We went over for dinner with all of the above one evening and it was fun even for the dog.

- Went to lunch with a group of women friends after our club board meeting. Great conversations.

- Had my club book discussion group meeting which was interesting and fun as always. We all read what we want and then share the highlights and lowlights as well as book.

So please share what you have been doing!


  1. All that cooking every day would do me in but it all looks good.

    1. Well, we both cook so neither one feels put upon. I would have trouble cooking for one I have to admit.

  2. You have had a busy week! I think you are going to be well prepared if you need to self isolate.

    God bless.

    1. Hope you feel well prepared for the potential of self isolating.

  3. Entire family (45 or so) getting together for my mother-in-law's 90th birthday at the end of the month. It's starting to make me nervous, as if any one of us happened to pass virus to her or any of the residents of her assisted living it would be devastating for everyone. I'm sure we all have the sense to stay home if we are symptomatic, but still.

    1. I can see why that is making you nervous but what a great milestone for her to have achieved.


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