Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary: Day 2

The Grandpa I saw every week growing up and was very close to was born on St. Patrick's Day so I always have lots of fond memories to visit as I remember him today.

Vet visit - An essential trip out to the vet for the dog's monthly shot that keeps her alive. They told me that vets will be considered essential businesses and able to stay open if there is a shutdown. They had us out in less than 5 minutes. The human clinic next door had a person in face mask, gloves and gown sitting outside to triage arrivals. Smart.

BTW, the dog has Addison's disease so no adrenal gland function and has been getting shots for over 6 years so far. She also gets a pill every other day. So far she's healthy and happy.

Time outdoors - The sun was out intermittently and although it is chilly and damp I walked the dog which we both enjoyed after yesterdays rain.

Created a mailing for our Granddaughter - I was going to send her an Easter card but instead put together a mailing of 3 Easter coloring pages and a decorated letter from us. All found online by searching free coloring pages and free spring flower letterhead. I'm going to ask her to color them and have her Mom or Dad take pictures to send to us. She loves getting mail and is at home with the Bay Area lockdown.

Connecting - Called my husband's cousin who's brother just died of cancer and who's 92 year old Mom in in assisted living with health challenges. Didn't get to talk as she is in the process of selling her brother's possessions but was able to tell her I wanted to see how she was doing and let her know we were thinking of her. All the rest of life does go on even during a pandemic.

I also reached Hubby's 92 year old aunt who lives alone. She is very stressed out for lots of reasons without this but fortunately has neighbors who are getting her groceries. I'll be calling her a lot more frequently.

Roasted a chicken and some asparagus - When I was trying to pick up beef at Trader Joe's for a St. Patrick's Day stew and they were out I decided to buy a roasting chicken instead as I certainly have the time to cook it and the weather has turned colder and wet so the heat in the kitchen was welcome. Its been a long time since I cooked one instead of picking up a rotisserie chicken.


Each day I am going to try to get a good dose of being outdoors by walking the dog or going out by myself. Once the weather warms & drys up I think I'll set up our patio so I can sit out there and read or have a drink.

I also want to try to do something creative, fun or different each day such as the mailing for our granddaughter and/or call and chat with a relative or friend.

And we are carefully evaluating each appointment vs. the current infection situation here. I did confirm the carpet cleaner for tomorrow and the dog's grooming next week as I don't know how to groom a poodle! Assuming we keep the grooming appointment I'll get the dog's hair cut very short so returning can wait 2 or more months. I rescheduled my hair appointment for the 3rd week of April and will re-evaluate later. My thinking is that eventually we are all going to be infected but we desperately need to slow down the infection rate so there is some chance the healthcare facilities and providers can treat patients!

What are you finding to do to keep yourself occupied so far?


  1. I wish it would warm up enough for me to start walking the dog. (My lungs can't take the cold air.)I know it would help with the house bound blues I still haven't shaken off from winter.

    It's going to be a long summer.... Stay safe!

    1. It can be hard to get outside. I'm at least stepping out with the dog as we don't have an area to just let her out. Hope it warms up soon.

  2. I have been having a think about restructuring my day. I usually have cleaners on a Thursday but reluctantly cancelled them. Every day I will do a couple of hours chores around the house before lunch. I have many hobbies such as knitting, quilting, embroidery that can be done at home and Iwill need some fresh air so either gardening or walking in the countryside around here. My clubs and choirs have provided the structure so far so that needs to be replaced if I am not to drift. I’ve set up a private choir Facebook page yesterday and it already has 20 pop the 60 members joined. I know not everyone does social media but it is a way of keeping in touch and boosting spirits with music, poetry and other links.
    I hope your poodle stays well (and you of course,)

    1. Great ideas Catherine! Our dog is well although eventually she may have a strange haircut if I have to do it with scissors LOL.

  3. Mmmmmm! Roasted chicken! Yesterday I made broth from the bags of bones and veg scraps in my freezer. Now, I'm trying to get ahead on blog posts and get to some of those little household tasks that have been ignored. Baseboards, I see you! Also working on my spring bucket list...

  4. When I was a working mother, my attorney boss who let me go home early some days. Those hours were precious but often I couldn't think of something I wanted to do. I got in the habit of keeping a list so that if he suddenly let me leave I could choose a treat from the list. I think I'll start doing this again.


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