Friday, February 28, 2020

February Final Week

Took a deep breathe this week, but not too deep due to all the tree pollen in the air LOL. It was time to set some priorities and get some things done.

But first I want to share this blog post from Frugalwoods that really explains my thoughts on the topic of the best for the planet and our pocketbook type of financial decision making - Environmentalism, Frugality and Minimalism

- We are able to vote for Super Tuesday by mail always in CA so I completed my ballot and turned it in at the 24/7 dropbox at city hall. Every state should make voting this easy!

- Had the window repair person come over and see what can be done about the 3 window panels that have 3 different problems (broken seal between panes, sun shade coating coming off, glass panel edge seal lets air in). It all can be easily remedied so we signed the contract and the order has been placed.

- The sun was just right for me to see that there is a big gap in the weatherstripping around our front door. Will remedy that as soon as we are near Home Depot again.

- When we were with our granddaughter I helped her create pictures for our frig. I got 3 kinds of muffins (lemon seed being her favorite and blueberry and chocolate mine) and Papa got 2 suns including one purple because that is her favorite color at the moment. I did outlines, names and the flower border but she did the rest.

We decided to send one back to her to go on her frig so I printed out a free coloring page and we both did our "namesake". We had fun doing this - probably more than she will getting it!

- I am on the nominating committee for my club and we met to prepare a slate of officers and other board members to be presented at the March club meeting.

- Got a much needed haircut by a new hairdresser who charges significantly more but I am much happier with the outcome and will go back. Oddly, she went to the same high school as my older son at the same time. Small world.

- I was in great shape and a great weight when we moved here but I have let that change. I want it back and that is going to take work. Using my project planning skills from my career I laid out the first steps to take March in 5 categories: flexibility, cardio, strength, weight loss, lower environmental impact food plan. I am thinking if I do this as a month by month project plan I just may stick with it.

- Since I get very tired of grocery shopping each week I tried a 2 week shop at Trader Joe's. I typed up a master grocery list to try which will be a change from what I have been doing for 50 years. It was hard and we'll see how it works out. I hate food waste so I don't want it to lead to that as I do buy produce at TJs. I'll pick up things at Vons the other week if needed as it is very close. Driving reduction too!

- Stocked up on some home health care products in case we do get sick from the flu or coronavirus. Bought disposable gloves, disinfecting wipes and Ibuprofen as well as bar soap. Not ready to be really concerned yet but those are good things to have on hand anyway.


  1. What a sweet coloring page to send to your grand daughter.

    I hope after Super Tuesday there is a narrower field for those of us who vote afterward.

    By the way, just reading the word "pollen" makes me hopeful spring might come to Michigan one of these days.

    1. Well there was certainly enough pollen on my windshield after I went out to lunch that I had to run the windshield washer! I too hope the field narrows but unless they run out of money I find it hard to believe that most of them will "suspend" their campaigns.

  2. Sending a return picture is a great idea. I never thought of that. My Grand Girls keep my fridge covered so I'm going to see if I can do a return picture also.

  3. I hate grocery shopping too, and have been using a master grocery list for years. Lately I've been ordering prepared meals though, delivered to the house, never frozen, and just have to warm them up.

    Out of curiosity, is bar soap specifically better for some reason? I quit using it when I realized that liquid doesn't leave soap scum.

    1. The bar soap idea came from my thinking that if a contagious person touched the container pump handle for the liquid soap the handle would have to be disinfected each time. My thought was that bar soap, being soap, would not have the same problem. Or that only the sick person would use it. I could be wrong but that is the thought process. We don't use bar soap anymore either.

  4. Such sweet pictures colored by you, your hubby and your granddaughter! I'm (finally) a grandma and we are absolutely over the moon to have this little one! I will definitely remember your idea to send back a picture. You mentioned wanting to get back in shape, and I wondered if you've ever tried intermittent fasting. Hubby and I are at an age where we can't eat like we used to, otherwise, we gain. So we try to eat two healthy meals a day within an 8 hour time period. Both of us have dropped weight, plus, we sleep much better than before. You control when your 8 hour time period begins. Some folks don't enjoy eating in the morning, so they might enjoy lunch and dinner. Best of luck as you tackle your goals!

    1. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild! It is a joyous ride for sure.

  5. How fun that you colored a picture for your granddaughter's frig. Good job. I think I will borrow your idea and do that, too. Lucia has been giving me art to decorate our frig. We could at least reciprocate once.

    Yay for voting!! I think we vote this Tuesday. Should know for sure. Will look into that.

    Hope you can figure out a solution for the grocery shopping. We will be doing our March trip on Monday.

    1. Texas is part of the Super Tuesday primary so hope you are around to vote.

  6. Cute colouring pictures. I love the one you sent back to her.

    God bless.

  7. Grandkids are the best. I love the artwork you all created.

    Self care is so important. Somedays I am fine with justr letting my hair grow out and skip a monthly haircut. Then I get about two weeks into that and realize just how negatively the uncut hair makes me feel.

    I can say the same for eyebrows and that ever present chin hair that keeps popping up. I gave up eyebrow waxing and facial waxing for about 6 months. Big mistake. Having nice eyebrows really matters. :-)

  8. I'm with you on how feeling scraggly can impact how we feel!


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