Wednesday, December 11, 2019

2020 Vision (or - how to have too many goals)


I'm thinking this list is too long! Let's see if I can prioritize it and stick with it quarterly, monthly, weekly.

Feedback and ideas very welcome!


·        Make a quarterly shopping list and budget then work it until find what I really want at a price I like
·        Find a new hairdresser and style
·        Monthly massages
·        Research best treatment for stiff thoracic spine and do it

·        Join WW?
·        Walk daily with dog
·        Do weights/strengthening exercises every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
·        Do Yoga and/or stretching exercises Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Make this an appointment.
·        Research changing primary care doctor
·        Research how to address gum issue

·        Set non-family travel budget & dates (San Antonio or Santa Fe and somewhere with beach/mountains)
·        Read with a learning plan (Voting issues/women's right to vote, history of Ventura County or ?)
·        Take one OLLI class each quarter
·        Go to Boucheron in Sacramento in October
·        Explore at least one new area/attraction in Ventura County each month
·        Become a local live theatre, music and art opening patron


·        Facetime and/or send granddaughter mail every 2 weeks
·        Have regular phone conversations with brother and SIL
·        Write cousins and connect with nieces/nephews more often
·        See local son and DIL at least 8 times
·        Travel to see family (4 Berkeley trips, and a trip to the NE to visit extended family)

·        Continue to be active in women’s club and add to involvement and get to know more members as friends

·        Initiate one small group/one-on-one social activity weekly
·        Host at least one social event in our home each quarter including friends and family


·        Start minimum required withdrawals from 401K
·        Decide on gifting and donations for year
·        Set personal activity, self-care and clothing budgets

·        Finish decorating/furnishing front bedroom
·        Carpet cleaned
·        Windows repaired


  1. Great list. Me, well I have not started mine as of yet. I think I will do mine closer to the end of the year.

    God bless.

  2. I dont feel so bad now. I could add a couple categories. Lol

  3. I like your list, it varies from health concerns to connecting with family and friends and learning new things.

  4. I love posts like this. Love a good list. List maker myself. Had not thought about this coming new year being the first of a shiny new decade. Wow! Exciting and a bit scary.
    Nodded in agreement and solidarity on so many of your goals, so much of your vision. Clothing budget - I have bit the bullet and registered for the GYPO capsule wardrobes. Now to shop my closet more, create my own versions of outfits for each seasonal challenge, and to purchase only things I truly love. Continuing on WW, and weight lifting, and going to the gym. Love the plans you have for connecting with immediate and extended family. Appreciate your ideas for finances, home improvement and health.

    1. Thank you for your inspiration. I decided not to sign up for GYPO as I have plenty of cool weather clothes and just need to play with styling them. Post your learnings from the process please!

  5. I too love your plans for scheduling time with family. It's too easy to let time slip by without a plan in place. Think I will steal that one.

  6. Oka now that I'm in hotel and not reading on the road I love the patron thing. We have alot of small local theater and orchestras. The clothes and stuff like that I will be putting g to a seperate moving list I think.

  7. This list makes me tired just looking at it! I like your idea of breaking it out into quarters, months, and weeks... That seems far less overwhelming! I need to reinstitute breakfasts/coffee dates with my adult children! That was my favorite item from 2019, and it needs to become a non-negotiable monthly date.


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