Monday, August 19, 2019

Chugging towards my 70th

Wonder if I can come up with some activity to represent each letter in birthday - So far I only have two.

B -
I -
R -
T -
H - Hummingbird garden art
D -
A - Art museum visit
Y -

I just ordered this addition to our little patio garden as a birthday gift to myself. We see hummingbirds here a lot so it will be a fun piece to see everyday.

So let's brainstorm ideas for the rest of those letters!

B - Bistro 2088 for happy hour
I - ?
R - ?
T - Thursday Food Trucks and music at Camarillo Ranch
D - ?
Y - ?.

Got to get some more ideas that don't involve food except I just learned that there is a food and tasting tour you can go on in Ventura. I also want to go play miniature golf if the weather cooperates. Can't figure out how to make them fit!

So, as they say, enough about me and my birthday.


  1. What came into my mind-
    I- Instigate a conversation with a total stranger ( at the grocery store or on a walk, whatever!
    R- Reach out and make a phone call or write a real note/card to someone you like but haven't heard from
    D- Dress yourself up as beautifully as you can, just for the fun of it!
    Y- buy something, like flowers, in yellow,or in some other way involve yellow.

  2. Brunch. Relaxing spa day. D...go dancing?

  3. Y could be a hard letter so how about Y is Yes to. Like Yes to volunteering at a charity, or Yes to .... anything your little heart desires to add.

  4. You are so creative! I love JanF's list too.

  5. I - Inhale (I understand it's legal in CA...LOL)
    R - Request a foot RUB
    D - Drive-in movie
    Y - Yoohoos and Yodels (as in the drink and snack)

    1. Yes, it is legal LOL. At my age it would probably be oil to rub on aching joints which is not quite the same.

    2. I should definitely look into the oil for the aching joints at our house too!

  6. Everybody else has had wonderful ideas.

    Saw our first hummingbird a couple of days ago.

    God bless.

  7. The first thing I though of for D was drink champagne. it was the #1 thing I wrote in a blog post about birthdays! link here

    Happy Birthday!!


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