Friday, September 7, 2018

What makes you smile?

I really like this post that Patti wrote (Midlife happiness) and she asks what makes us smile no matter where we are on the happiness curve or stage of life.

I'd like to hear what makes you smile!

Here are some of mine.

- Unexpected art - colors, style, location and more
- Hearing my toddler granddaughter talk and playing with her
- My dog's antics
- Being at the library
- Silly jokes and plays on words
- Seeing the ocean
- Hearing from friends and family
- Eating something delicious (or chocolate!)


  1. A beautiful sunset
    All my grandchildren
    Good manners
    A beautiful garden

  2. This is a lovely inquiry. What makes me smile?
    * my delicious granddaughters
    * conversations with my friends
    * sunrise/sunset
    * cows grazing in the pasture
    * bluebirds
    * garden bounty
    * music
    The list could go on.

    1. I would add sunrise/sunset and horses grazing in the pasture to my list - thanks for the reminder


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