Friday, March 2, 2018

Books for children

I had absolutely no idea that Dolly Parton's Imagination Library was such a huge program.

Coincidentally my DIL had just last weekend shared with me that our granddaughter was signed up to receive books monthly. She said the most interesting thing so far was how well the books reflected the real life diversity of Americans. That is not something you typically find in children's books.

The other interesting thing to me is that there is no requirement for signing up your child except that your community needs to be in the program and your child between 0 and 5. Local funding is required to support the costs of mailing the books. I just looked and my community doesn't have a program sponsor but Berkeley obviously does.

What a marvelous legacy she has created.


  1. I just heard the story on NPR of her organization meeting its 100 millionth book milestone. I loved it that she said they were aiming for a billion in her lifetime. :) Hope they make it.

    1. I know! Pretty awesome and what a legacy.


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