Thursday, January 4, 2018

December in a sentence a day

The final month this year and it was full. Be sure to check out the links at the bottom to see what others have been up to.

This is the last time I am participating in this link up. Instead I'm going to continue to do my 5 for Friday weekly wrap-ups.

1. I was honored that my DIL asked me for some advice and that we had a great chat on the topic.

2. Oh man, after 2 hours of driving and 4 hours of packing china/serving pieces for my husband's aunt and cousin I just have to say that if you are moving to a smaller place get rid of the excess before you ask for help packing!

3. Same as December 2nd except the dog didn't pee in her crate this time but was able to wait until we got home.

4. Sold Pet Club dinner tickets for 2 hours, did laundry, Pet Club board meeting for 2 hours, put on sweats and grabbed a glass of wine, then waited for Hubby to fix dinner.

5. A wildfire raged out of control overnight due to Santa Ana winds and is now threatening the city of Ventura, but not us as so far we are only getting smokey air and the winds are in favor of us being safe from the fire.

6. A haircut that has potential but is too short, trips to the library and bank, and trying to ignore the sky full of smoke plumes as everything I could find says the wildfire is headed away from us.
This morning's fire map with where I live (Camarillo) at the bottom between the 4 and N
7. Made banana flax pecan muffins, washed the dog and a load of towels and blankets, took a walk, worried about a new and visibly closer smoke plume and cloud (until research explained where it was coming from), updated the Pet Club financial records, and made a healthy dinner.

8. While Hubby was off helping move his aunt there was no car here and with the air quality bad from the fires and winds there was no significant walking, so I vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the kitchen, made barley mushroom carrot soup and took the dog out as needed.

9. Another month wait for our new shutters because the measurements were done wrong by them and they have to make new ones which is such a waste and frustrating - le sigh.

10. Seeing this joyous image of my granddaughter in my Facebook feed was such a great way to start the day!
11. We went to the Pet Club holiday dinner where the group gave $2000 to the Moorpark College Training Zoo which was a pretty great donation which will be matched in January with one to the Camarillo animal shelter.

12. Speaking of pets, our little dog had to have her 3 year rabies shot today with reaction preventing doses of prednisone and benadryl but the day went smoothly for her afterwords.

13. We went to the racquet club annual wine and cheese evening event and had a nice chat with some new acquaintances.

14. After a night of very little sleep due to a sick dog, we took her to the vet and then ironically had a Pet Club officer meeting at my house.

15. The dog seems to have recovered and I am not as exhausted so we were able to attend the Ventura British Brass holiday concert which was just lovely. (BTW, British Brass use different instruments all of which have a conical bore so there are coronets instead of trumpets, etc. No reed instruments. A little learning along with a concert.)

16. Did a morning stretching routine and took a walk.

17. Pushed myself to be at Target by 8am and - the lot was nearly empty but that meant I could browse before picking up the present I had ordered for Hubby.

18. An ordinary type of day.

19. Went to yoga class and took a walk.

20. Another vet visit but just her routine monthly shot this time thank goodness.

21. While dog was getting groomed (we call it Poodle Spa Day), I shopped for food for our contribution to Christmas brunch.

22. The Thomas fire is now the largest in recorded California history and I randomly walked outside just when the Space X launch from Vanderberg produced the most sci-fi UFO scene in the sky.

23. A routine day!

24. Packed up and headed to Pasadena to our son's to celebrate with them.

25. A lovely day with loved ones.

26 - 28. Chilling!

29. Housework, laundry, menu planning and generally getting ready for company.

30. Hubby left early to go play pickle ball which is his new passion for exercise and socializing.

31. I'm thinking I am the Queen of Leftovers after turning 2 cooked short ribs we were given into a decent beef stew!

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