Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Banking Wednesday: Retirement Finances

I have decided to deal with most financial items on one day of the week and Wednesday it is. So here are my Retirement Financials for the week.

1. The local newspaper raised their rate $9 a month without notice to just over $35/mo for a skinny little throwaway with lots of ads. We decided to cancel.

2. We made a decision regarding how and how much to contribute to our granddaughter's 529 fund and mailed the first check. Hope I'm still around when she starts college or whatever she decides to do after high school. 17 years to go LOL.

3. I thought we had to pay our excess liability insurance annual bill this month, but I looked it up and our move changed the renewal date to May. So I decided to look up all the rest of our insurance new renewal dates too so I can be sure we get and pay the bills online. In addition to auto insurance and excess liability we have standard homeowner's and earthquake insurance policies. We stopped our life insurance as we started collecting retirement benefits as we no longer need to replace income but instead made sure all of our beneficiary documents were up to date on pension and retirement accounts.

4. I started figuring out what documents I have or need to send to the tax accountant. Most won't be available until the end of January, but at least I have found what I do have and made a list of the others.

5. We both registered on line for our health insurance Medicare premium refund program ($600 each) and mailed in the documentation required. I also completed the online health questionnaire and got $50 on a debit card to use for prescriptions.

6. The personal loan repayment check we received reached our credit union in Georgia and apparently cleared - yeah!

7. An online item I returned was received and processed for a refund.

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