Friday, January 12, 2018

5 for Friday: 2018.2

Working on my 2018 ABCs (Adventure, Beauty & Comfort) led to this -

1. I'm excited to take my reading in some different directions by taking ideas from different reading lists. Starting with Heminigway's To Have and Have Not as well as Eleanor H. Porter's Pollyana to meet the "read a classic you haven't" category. Reading different types of books is it's own kind of adventure isn't it?

2. I can see quite a few stars in the dark sky here. On Sunday morning in the just lightening sky there was also a jet trail which was quite beautiful against the darkness.

3. Started a very short home comfort increasing list. So far it has a candle holder for a pillar candle which is languishing in a cupboard and a dining chair seat cushion of some sort so my FIL will be comfortable at our table.

4. With the first rain storm since we moved here 9 months ago hitting on Monday afternoon, it was pleasant to sit in the house and hear it hitting the roof. As it turned out the storm had a horrible outcome nearby with mudslides (caused by the recent huge fire denuding the hills) killing at least 13 people.

5. I finally made a tomato poached pork over raisin kasha recipe for dinner that Hubby declared was the best meal we have had in a long time. He also asked that I remember to make it for guests. Oddly, it was the first time I had cooked a pork tenderloin.

And 5 retirement financial items - 

1. Emailed the reasonably priced tax accountant back in Georgia who did our last set of complicated returns (2014) and in the process found that I had made an error for several years that saved the whole cost of doing the work. She can do our 2017 complicated returns - yeah! Now to collect all the documentation needed.

2. Completed all of my year end summary financial spreadsheets and updated our important record document. I keep these in Dropbox so our sons can access them too if need be.

3. We lent a significant sum of money to a relative last year and just received repayment! They had promised but as anyone who lends money to family knows you have to lend it with the idea that it may become a gift.

4. I am systematically assessing what additions to my wardrobe will actually make it more functional and be worn given my current lifestyle and location. Ordered a bunch of knit tops from Kohls. No shipping cost and I can return them to the nearby store if they don't work out. I expect to only keep a couple. Bought some underwear from the nearby Jockey outlet after determining that they sell overruns not lower quality items.

5. Got a filling repaired in a tooth that had a root canal previously and even with insurance discount $237 later it is good to go. Bad tooth!!!


  1. Oh, Juhli, we’ve been following the news about the mudslides from Palm Springs, where we are currently RV’ing, and we are just devastated for those affected. We’ve had them in Orange County as well after heavy rains, primarily in Laguna Beach. Our beautiful state has it’s share of risks, though the overwhelming majority of our wildfires, and subsequent mudslides, are now the result of human impact, not natural, sadly.

    On a brighter note, I too went clothes shopping recently- is it something about January do you think? 🙂

    And love your book expansion goal. Hoping you love Hemingway as much as I do. He may not use many words in his writings, but the ones he does can take ones breath away.

    1. I hope you are enjoying Palm Springs - we will have to put that on our vacation with dog list! I read many Hemingway books years ago but don't remember reading this one. It was interesting to visit the house he lived in in Key West too.

  2. The mudslides looked truly horrific. My heart goes out to all those affected.
    I would love to know more about your pork recipe. I had a look online but nothing looked right. If you have the time could you blog about it or send a link please. Thank you.

    1. Here it is:


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