Saturday, July 8, 2017

Randomness on Saturday

I have been participating in a color and style program for a while and finally landed on a personal style statement of Lively Minimalism. Then it occurred to me that is exactly what we did in purchasing furniture for our den. The couch is gray so we got a lively pattern for the pillows and a pop of color for the chair. Got to bring some color, interest and energy to everything perhaps.

The summer here is bringing a different kind of hot weather than I have experienced before. Not as hot as some places I have lived, but it is more humid in the morning than I expected as the marine layer moves inland overnight. The sun is quite intense when there is no cloud cover so hats were frequent at the farmer's market this morning even at 9:30am.

I made the mistake of wearing a metal necklace and it felt so hot against my skin so I took it off as soon as I got home. I can see my hot summer day outfits will indeed be minimalist.

I had never thought about there being different varieties of green grapes but there they were at the market. Distinctly different tastes and since I am the only one who like grapes I bought the one I preferred. Heirloom tomatoes for both taste and memories of my Grandma's love of growing different varieties of tomatoes in her garden. Here is my mini-haul as Hubby is out of town and there is a lot in the frig already.
Got out of the house and went to the Oxnard Carnegie Museum and Studio Gallery by myself. Turns out it was family free day and there were lots of kids painting and weaving - what fun. The museum was one of the original Carnegie libraries and is very typical architecture for that time. The little associated gallery is CA southwestern. Not much space for exhibiting but the art that was displayed was a group of little gems. They only do special exhibits due to space.
 Then I stopped for a cup of ice cream on the way home.

Now to go off and read.


  1. Sounds like an absolutely lovely day! I look forward to being able to do the same once we are settled. How long did it take before you felt completely moved in? We have been working like dogs for four days straight, and much progress has been made, but we still have a long way to go!

    1. Congrats on getting into you new home! It took us a few weeks to feel settled but remember we moved without some significant items like beds or food. I found taking a break from unpacking to do something fun in the new location really helped but it was exhausting anyway. Looking forward to seeing photos of your new place.

  2. Kids and weaving...sign me up! I remember our trip to Orange County being muggy, with cloud cover early morning, burning off near noon. Completely different from our dry, cloudless weather.

    1. That pretty well describes the weather most days this summer so far. If I drive just a few miles east it is much hotter and dryer and west it is cooler. Quite different than Atlanta.


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