Friday, June 2, 2017

Settling In: 6 weeks since our move

We are starting to feel a bit settled and really, really looking forward to the delivery of our new beds tomorrow! 
Trying to get out and explore what is available for entertainment and activities in addition to finding out where all the stores we need are located. 
The dog is doing great and had her first doggie spa day with the groomer I selected. It was a success and I too would like a blueberry facial, shampoo, body massage, pedicure and haircut all in one place LOL.

Hubby is often playing 9 holes of golf after dinner and we are both walking more. Except for the first weekend we were here, we have spent time with family each weekend and that was the whole purpose of moving.
I'm debating what to get involved in. The pet club for sure (don't you love that there is one?). Perhaps the Leisure Village theater group that produces one act plays or the Camarillo volunteer run theater that we are going to check out with a Sunday performance. I am also contemplating volunteering to be the emergency coordinator for my "Village" because there isn't one and I think it is very important.

I am attending activities here such as the Women's Club monthly meetings and the performance (music, movies, live theater) that sound interesting. I still need to try out the pool and go to yoga class again/regularly. Still need to get to the Farmer's Market too.  I also found out that there is an art museum nearby and it has a book club - definitely on my list to try out.

We continue to work away at our "punch list" mostly arising from the pre-purchase home inspection and working on a bit of painting and decorating by hanging pictures, etc. We have ordered two pieces of furniture: a TV stand/cabinet and a storage bench for the master bedroom. Once they are in place we will buy den furniture and be pretty much done.

I am feeling like this has been a good move and will work for us for the next few years - then who knows.

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  1. It really seems like you have been spending a wonderful and busy time after moving to a new place. All these activities and meetings would offer new things and new friends to make.


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