Thursday, June 1, 2017

May in a sentence a day - the bloom where you are planted month

I'm joining in with My Retirement Project , Andrea's Wellness Notes , Once Upon a Time  and Natalie's Blog for a “sentence a day” month in review.

My May 2017 -

1 - We now officially have California car insurance and I learned where the closest post office is located.
2- Those HOA fees are worth it in terms of prompt service as we now have new drip irrigation hoses and a new bush to fill a bare spot once it grows a bit!
3 - I joined the Village Arts group and think there will be some nice friendships created here as well as possibly getting me back into colored pencil drawing such as this one I did a few years ago.
4 - We went to the paint store for a color consultation but are still having trouble picking a color that goes with everything and pleases us.
5 - It took two tries but we found an ATM near our house that takes our credit union cards and doesn't charge so we are in the money again.
6 - Big decision is love the paint color that is already on the walls!
7 - My baby with his baby in Santa Barbara for brunch - happy day!
8 - We are officially CA drivers again and they even found the record of my license from 20 years ago so I only had to take the shorter renewal test but Hubby wasn't so lucky.
9 - What did we do before the internet?
10 - Poor doggie stepped on a bee and got stung, then threw up & messed on the carpet, went to the vet & got lots of medications, but hopefully better now.
11 - Attended a very interesting talk about a dam failure in the late 1920's that flooded this area.
12 - Hubby is out of town, pup is still under the weather a bit and it is too darn quiet in the house.
13 - Went to the HOA Spring Cleaning sale and bought myself a fun bracelet for $5 and supported the golf club at the same time.
14 - Mother's Day at my son and DIL's with the my pooch & their pooch was so great.
15 - I think I have found a kind, caring dog groomer that has scheduled us to come visit to get acquainted.
16 - Whew, first hairdresser I tried in my new location did a great job!
17 - Hubby finally back from first of 5 trips to Atlanta before he retires.
18 - Met the new dog groomer and she is a sweetheart.
19 - We passed the air duct leakage test requirement and now have to schedule the city inspection of our new HVAC installation to finish that project.
20 - Visiting one mattress store, lunch with FIL and great aunt, and towel shopping at Kohl's is about all we can handle today.
21 - Visited another mattress store and then went back to first one and decided on less expensive option.
22 - Sat at the car dealer service department for only 1 1/2 hours to get a recalled air bag replaced, bought new kitchen towels, went to the library and got a fun Mother's Day gift and lovely card in today's mail.
23 - Twelve hours without power, but at least it was in the daytime and they were able to fix the problem and it meant we got to try a new to us restaurant for dinner.
24 - Bad moods abound.
25 - Ordered 2 mattress sets and frames so in about a week we should be sleeping more comfortably.
26 - An overcast, cool day spent on errands and laundry.
27 - A non-memorable but pleasant day that included a long after dinner walk.
28 - A lovely lunch with online friends including one from Australia!
29 - My older son stopped by to visit which made me very happy to have moved close so this could happen.
30 - More progress on settling into our new home with the carpet and upholstery cleaning completed!
31 - We have reached the 6 week mark for having arrived at our new home and the end of "May Gray" with "June Gloom" next up. 
The May Gray viewed from the walk in front of our house!


  1. Hmm, June that meteorologic, atmospheric or mood related? Or a combination?

    You have accomplished so much in your six weeks as Californians. I envy that your son can stop by. Would love for my daughters to live close enough to do lunch or run to the outlet mall with me.

    Your grandbabe is a doll. Love 'em a little chubs with rounded knees and elbows.

    Everyone is donning a new 'do and sharing in their sentences for the month. My April highlights have turned me into a blonde! Not sure what to make of it.

    Thank you for joining us, Juhli!

    1. June Gloom entirely refers to the overcast or foggy days that are common due to closeness to the ocean! Mood is upbeat.

  2. How funny because we just got a new mattress too! My husband did loads of research and we went with an online company---we'll see how we like it!!

    1. I am curious how that works out for you. We went with a locally made, mostly organic traditional mattress and foundation for our and the guest beds. We didn't move any beds so have been sleeping on a high end air mattress for 6 weeks and it hasn't been bad.

  3. The pictures of those peppers is amazing. I am very impressed. Sounds like you are busy settling to your new location in Cali.

    We bought new mattresses last year and it was a game changer. It was so expensive but worth every dollar now that we have them. We researched for months trying different ones and finally found what we were looking for and had to pay lots of shipping to get to our place but so much better than what we could find locally.

    1. Having a good mattress is so important and it is something we don't buy that often so hard to shop for IMO. Glad yours was a success.

  4. Love the peppers! I like the overview of your month too. :)

  5. How nice that you have your boys close by and get to enjoy them! And California isn't a bad place to be... :-)

    We'll have to get new mattresses. In fact we are overdue... I'm going to put mattress research on my to do list...

    Have a good June!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

    1. No, California is not a bad place to be. We left it 20 years ago for work and are glad to be back.

  6. You've made great progress in many areas in May. Glad to have you joined us with sentence-a-day. Have a great June!

  7. Hello, I found you via Sizzling Towards Sixty's sentence a day link up, which I thought was such a fun idea and I'm going to join in! I love seeing what everyone of a certain age is up to - we've just moved from the city to the country in regional Australia, which I've just written about on my own blog. But I'm keen to give a sentence a day a go which will make me get out and do more (and get away from the decorating), meet new people and also reflect on how lucky I am. I loved reading about your month. Sounds as if you've been busy and happy. Yes, you must get back into painting :)

    1. I'm off to check out your blog and see what someone else who just moved is experiencing!

  8. Funny that others don't know what June Gloom is, I sort of like it, it's like the calm before the super hot weather comes...I love reading your sentences. Thanks for linking up with us!

    1. I'm having trouble believing there will be super hot weather LOL. Thanks for reading.

  9. Moving can be such an emotional time can't it? Luckily you seem to be settling in well and if you found a good hairdresser well that is one big tick there! I enjoyed reading your sentences and look forward to next month.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. I definitely lucked out with the hairdresser.


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