Wednesday, March 22, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 7

Have you used Docusign or a similar electronic signature tool? That is how most, but not all, documents related to the sale and purchase of our homes have been handled.

Much easier than signing papers that your realtor brings over or spending hours signing at closing, but the tendency is not to read the document as it jumps you to the next signature line without scrolling through the text. We have had to print, sign, and then scan or photograph and email a bunch of documents too so it is not a universal tool - yet.

The end result is that I need to spend about an hour going through my emails and saving the documents. It is on the To Do list.

Today's progress:

* Closed on the house in California!

- Sent a large couch, area rug, end table, large plant and plant stand on to new homes. I'm finding that giving things away is making me unreasonably happy.
- Packed 4 more boxes.

I also started a nutrition counseling program in the take care of myself category.


  1. Congratulations on your new California dwelling! Hope you'll share some photos once you move in! And, could it be that giving away your things in anticipation of your move is making you happy because you are excited about the move? :-)

    1. I will share photos. I haven't shared the ones in the listing because they were awful. They stretched the photos and photo shopped in ultra modern furniture that was too large for the rooms. We almost didn't look at the house because of the photos but they might have helped us get a good price LOL.

  2. Nice and very informative post, electronic signature will also save time and effort to sign documents manually. Thanks for sharing the information


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