Sunday, November 20, 2016

Yikes - 14 weeks to listing our house not 19

We met with our realtor this week to discuss a few things on our house prep list and she mentioned that she thought we should list it for sale in February not April 1st!

That works in some ways as the open house and first week on the market can occur while we are in California shopping for a new home, celebrating my FIL's 90th, and meeting our almost here granddaughter. That also means the dog will be boarded so the kick off will be easier all around.

We also learned that a smaller nearby house in worse shape just sold with a bidding war. Good news for us perhaps.

But we just lost some prep time. On top of that the bath remodel start date is about 2+ weeks later than we thought due to his previous job not being done yet. Hmmm.

So what have we done this past week to prepare the house?

- Requested a bid from a second painter for the exterior trim and the ceiling in one room. Found out they can fix the storm window screen ripped by a falling branch.

- Pruned bushes back from house and fence in preparation for painters.

- Finished painting upstairs.

- Finished shearing ground cover in front yard. Now need to buy and spread mulch.

- Washed storm windows.

- Ordered replacement under cabinet lights for kitchen as one broke when we were changing the bulb.

- Scheduled an appointment with the arborist to define tree pruning work needed and book it.


  1. Seems like your realtor is right -- interest rates are going up, so perhaps the sooner on the market the better.

    1. Yes, she said that seems to be nudging the "thinking about its" into taking action. We also get a lot of buyers in this area who know they are relocating to Atlanta once school is out. Just means we need to get a move on it and so does our contractor!


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