Sunday, August 21, 2016

32 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

I knew there would be weeks like this. We are another week closer to listing our house for sale and little progress was made. I did go out to lunch with a friend, got a haircut, went to Pilates and had a nice relaxing week.

We removed more items from the house.
- Curbside "recycling" of an old coffee table from family room - 3 hours and it was gone
- 2 houseplants gone and not to be replaced
- Packed and ready to go are 4 antique quilts that are never used. I'm saving the one I loved as a little girl for use by my granddaughter who arrives in November. It will be special at our house for her as long as their dog still chews things up!

We made decisions.
- Final decisions made for bath remodel products. Now to get bids from 2 - 3 contractors, order products, and pick a paint color.
- Reviewed and made decisions about painting bid for exterior work and interior ceiling work
- I decided to leave all outside work to September as it is just too hot and humid right now for me. So I will start dismantling the flower bed that requires too much maintenance when it cools down a bit.

We started getting ready to do more painting ourselves
- Another feature wall washed down so it can be painted next week - this time in the living room.

Goals for Week 32 are simple
- contact painters to accept modified painting bid
- paint the living room feature wall


  1. I found it hard to get rid of the house plants. B had trouble parting with the quilts. It sounds like you're making good progress!

    1. It is interesting what is easy and hard to give away.

  2. Such a sweet Sun Bonnet Sue! Sad to see you having to paint over accent walls. The ones I've seen have been lovely colors in the 'befores.'

    1. I didn't know that was the quilt pattern name - thanks.

    2. I have a quilt like that, my Grandmother made it. we had pillow cases with the bonnet as well. Those aren't still around. Shams weren't the thing for her. She called it a "sunbonnet baby" quilt. I definitely think it should be kept away from a naughty dog!


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