Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Wow, the extra stuff in our life seems to know no end

The latest things to leave the house?

- Piles of old papers belonging to my husband. He still has to bring home the work files he wants to keep though (sigh!).

- A book that was in said pile of papers.

- An empty wooden box

- Extra hanging files and folders.

- Fireplace matches - you know, the extra long ones.

- Empty CD cases and rewriteable CDs.

- A map to the state where my parent's lived.

- A top I keep trying to make work for me - it doesn't.

- Keys that belong to nothing currently in our life.

Just posted via email to be taken by someone I hope! If that doesn't work the I'll try Freecycle.

- An oak roll top desk that was a 14th birthday gift to my older son 30 years ago.

Next up for curating:

- Travel related items including briefcases and suitcases

- Blankets & quilts

- Paper photos


  1. You are making great progress in clearing out unneeded things.

  2. Having just downsized and moved ... I feel your pain. Photos and memorabilia are the hardest to part with, and it takes courage to throw out those old keys!


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