Friday, July 15, 2016

10 keys to nothing in our life and other finds

I am diligently working on going through paper files and emptying a large desk that we want to remove from our house. The paper situation is fairly straightforward although I have been surprised that about 60% of what was in our files is not needed and has left the house.

Then I found a collection of extra keys. I spent about an hour trying to match them to ones we use and make sure all the extras for the house were collected together. I threw out old suitcase lock keys and the key to my FIL's former home. That has left me with 10 keys that I have no idea where they came from. Old padlocks or bike locks? Extra keys to my parent's former home? Keys to door locks we have replaced?

I have been walking around the house trying to make sure there are no locks that I'm not seeing. You might think that is strange but it took me 4 examinations of my current car to figure out where I could plug in my cell phone! Who puts that almost under the emergency brake?

So the getting ready to move efforts continue. A bit more paper to go through that requires my husband to make decisions about it and then on to photos. Yes I am groaning at the thought.

Update: I tried some more keys and two of our locks don't work from the outside as they are either dirty or corroded. That is the basement door and one lock on the front door that is never used. Adding lock cleaning/repairs to the list. Le sigh.


  1. I have a keyring like a janitor! I have no idea what some are for, and I'm afraid to discard them. The door we enter and exit on our home has a keyless system, and I LOVE not having to look for key to open. :)

    1. I understand that fear. I did another walk through the house this morning and even looked in drawers for potential things that lock. One more thing to check and then out they go.

  2. You have a great blog! Thank you so much for sharing, and warm greetings from a baby boomer in Montreal, Canada. :)

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