Sunday, May 1, 2016

Happy May!

When I was quite a little girl my Mom and I used to make May baskets like these out of construction paper. I would then carefully pick violets and put them in the "basket", hang them on a neighbor's door, ring the doorbell and run away. I'm so sure they had no idea who left it LOL.

No May baskets today but recognition that this will be a busy and fun month. Once it ends we start the 12 month countdown to my husband's retirement from the job that brought us to Atlanta 19 years ago.

This is going to be a family oriented month. A 10 day trip to CA with time with both sons and DILs as well as my FIL. A nice drive up the coast as we have family at both ends of the state. Our dog will get a vacation too as she boards with her second family who fostered her when she was rescued. She gets so happy to go to their home and loves their dogs and cat too.

Memorial Day weekend will bring my brother and SIL down from the NE for a 3 day visit and that will be fun too.

When there is no vacation or family visit going on I have the rest of my OLLI class sessions, ongoing projects in the house, book club and exercise sessions. I have decided to stop my private (expensive) Pilates sessions and rejoin a wellness center to have lap swimming, exercise classes and equipment available for an eighth of the monthly cost. A further drive but I will simply schedule it as a non-negotiable time.

I'm really looking forward to this month and hope you are too.

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