Saturday, April 30, 2016

Downsizing & Moving Update - #1

We will get this done!

1. Went to an open house down the street to see what is on the market right now.

2. Two bags of items donated to thrift store.

3. Maximum number of partial cans of paint plus other items to semi-annual toxic waste collection event. Glad we will be moving somewhere that has these weekly not just twice a year.

4. Agreement reached as to next steps:
     - Ruthlessly declutter 2 bookshelves in guest room and 1 in study
     - Pick one bookshelf to move to California and move into study
     - Move dresser in study into guest room
     - Donate 2 extra bookshelves, a lamp and a recliner
     - Paint dark feature walls in 3 rooms in lighter neutral color of other walls
     - Talk to realtor further about need remodel bathroom vs selling price
     That should keep us out of trouble for a while.

5. Found enough appropriate color leftover paint to prime one of the feature walls - yeah savings!

Spent so far on preparing the house for sale
$ 90.89 - patio and sun porch furniture that we will take with us to CA

We are headed to California for vacation at the end of this week so getting a start on most of this will wait until we get back in mid-May but before we have family visiting over Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Excellent start. Be ruthless about what you move. Moving from Texas to Oregon we didn't want to pay to move anymore than we had to and I haven't missed a thing that we left behind.

    We're living light. I don't have antiques or valuable pieces of furniture. Sentimental items I either left in Texas with our daughter or brought to Oregon to give to our son. If for some reason I had to move back to Texas I would move nothing.

    Decluttering takes a while to get into but the longer you do it the better it feels. It's probably the best thing you can do for yourself. You don't want to deal with all that stuff in your new place.

    I had a paper organizer where I kept my brain that year. Full of phone numbers and notes and a calendar of what was to happen when. It worked great. I would do that again.

    1. It sounds like you were super organized! You should write a how to guide for the many of us who are doing this or will be.


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