Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The dog ate my retainer and other early 2016 budget adjustments

This morning my dog was in pre-anesthesia mode because of a scheduled dental cleaning so no food or water. This of course was really unsettling and disturbing and probably other things to her.  Her solution? She pulled my retainers off the dining room table and try to eat them. She destroyed one but I think the other more expensive one is fine. She has never shown any interest in them or pulled anything off this table before but you know what they say about desperate times! And at least it is time for my annual checkup with the orthodontist so some of the cost was planned. But mostly that is one unexpected budget item.

Do you think I should list it as a health care expense or dog expense LOL?

Fortunately her cleaning went well and was 4 years later than the vet had originally predicted it would be needed so I guess we saved money by brushing her teeth and giving her Greenies the last 5 years. No extractions; $366 (plus a new retainer)  in case you are wondering what cleaning the teeth of a 16 pound dog costs these days.

Then there is the medical bill incurred by my husband near the end of 2015 that the provider has not yet billed. Our share is $855 and I forgot to add that to our projected healthcare costs for 2016.


It's only January 5th - I thought we would have a bit more of a grace period than that on my budgeting efforts!

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