Tuesday, January 5, 2016

If you want to walk when its too cold, wet, etc.

I have been off my walking due to illness the past two days and spending a lot of time exploring the internet. I found this 3 mile walking video on youtube in case you want to walk but don't want or can't head outdoors. Enjoy.

Walking at home


  1. The local librarian suggested the Sansone dvd's. It's definitely too cold the 20's...

  2. thanks for the link, just what I've been looking for to set a pace for walking!

  3. Oddly, I used to own this but decluttered it! Glad to find it online.

  4. Because of my legs I use a one or one and a half mile Sansone u tube and then a video called sit stand and move for the weights and stretch band portion of the workout. Gotta love utube

  5. B walks with Leslie Sansone three or four times a week. She's worn out a hole in our living room rug and I say . . . good for her!


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