Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Evaluation: October wardrobe additions - one month and a year or more ago

Another evaluation of clothing purchases. I think I am doing better with my wardrobe purchases now that I have evaluated what will fit me, my style for my lifestyle and have a great color palette for my 66 year old hair and face! I am doing the month before last to make sure I had time to wear what I bought and also looking at what is left in my wardrobe from previous Octobers.

I have learned from the items I marked as questionable and am taking more time to make my shopping decisions in hopes of reducing the frequency of potential errors.

What I bought in October 2015 - 6 items for $81

I am happy with all but one of my purchases!

I've rated them
     * love it -  5 items
     √ works well; keep -  0 items
     ? not sure I'll keep  -  1 item

* Charter Club gray jeans - $37 new on sale -  6 wears. I will get a lot of use out of these!
Loft sparkly greige 3/4 sleeve wool blend top - $18 at consignment store -  1 wear. The weather just turned cold enough to wear this so I popped it on for an evening of dinner theatre the day after Thanksgiving. It doesn't seem to sit right when I move so I don't know if I'll keep it. I figured out how to fix this by taking it up in the shoulders!

* Neon Buddha cayenne long sleeve top - $10 at consignment store -  3 wears. I'm still experimenting with styling this longer top but really love the color and fit.

* Talbots flowered short sleeve sweater - $16 at consignment store -  2 wears; I LOVE this in outfits but it is now awaiting warmer weather!

Olive open front 3/4 sleeve cardigan - $5 at consignment store -  3 wears. This was one of those tops with a sewn in fake top that was white. I cut that out to make a topper and I like it a lot so it will be back in warmer weather.

* Coldwater Creek red/multi flecks acrylic scarf - $5 at thrift store - 1 wear. Enjoyed wearing this on an urban hike over Thanksgiving holiday week. I bought this to make my black wool winter coat less of an awful color for me. I'd like to use the coat 2 more winters as we don't have that much really cold weather and then when we move I'll leave it behind and get something new.

In my wardrobe from previous Octobers - Quite a lot!

* Graphite fleece jacket (2012) - $20 new; still wearing as a basic jacket.

√ Waterproof hiking boots/walking shoes (2014) - $100:  I have not worn these as much as I thought I would but am going to focus on doing so this winter. I recently bought gel inserts to try to add more cushioning but haven't walked with them in yet.

* August Silk berry shell (2014) - $8 at consignment store. Wear quite a bit and will more.  

* August Silk berry cardigan (2014) - $9 at consignment store. Wear frequently.

√ 3 Lands End v neck long sleeve modal tops (2013) - $20 each new. Still wearing for exercise.

√ Blue & black long sleeve exercise top (2012) - $20 new. Still wear it.

√ Charcoal cardigan (2013) - $20 new. Still wear this and still find useful as a basic

√ Black cardigan (2012) - $20 new. I still wear it occasionally and it is faded to graphite which is one of my colors.

* LL Bean navy and black leather jeans belts (2014) - $40 each new. These were great purchases!

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