Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Evaluation: September wardrobe purchases - one month and a year or more ago

I think I am doing better with my wardrobe purchases now that I have evaluated what will fit me, my style for my lifestyle and have a great color palette for my 66 year old hair and face! So I thought I would follow the lead of the love Mette at The Yogastic Shopping Planner and evaluate my purchases. I am doing the month before last to make sure I had time to wear what I bought and also looking at what is left in my wardrobe from previous Septembers.

I have learned from the items I marked as questionable and am taking more time to make my shopping decisions in hopes of reducing the frequency of potential errors.

What I bought in September 2015 - 12 items for  $159

I've rated them
     * love it - 5 items
     √ works well; keep - 5 items
     ? not sure I'll keep  - 2 items

* Loft army green cargo jacket - $35 at consignment store - 10 wears: I think this lightweight windbreaker type jacket with a hood was a great buy for my lifestyle!

* Wheat Clarks loafers - $64 new at discount store - 16 wears: I love these!

 √ Olive patterned Chico's slacks - $9 at consignment store - 5 wears: These are working into my wardrobe well

? Orange short sleeve bow blouse - $14 at consignment store - 3 wears: This is polyester and although I love the color and style, but I'm not sure about the lack of give in the fabric. Will see if I chose to wear it in the future.

* Gray ruffle neck Loft knit top - $14 at consignment store - $10 - 2 wears: Love this!

√ Berry & ivory stripe top - $16 new at discount store- 4 wears: Useful and basic top

* Stone 3/4 sleeve cardigan - $16 new at discount store- 11 wears: Great buy. Works well with so many things

√ Tan braided belt - $9 new at discount store- 8 wears: Filled a hole in wardrobe, but I would prefer a smooth leather one

* Tangerine scarf - $8 new at discount store- 3 wears: Now that it is cooler I will wear this a lot
Wine scarf - $17 new at discount store- 2 wears: This will get more use in cooler weather.

? Purple and silver bracelet - $5 at consignment store - 1 wear: It is a bit tight on my wrist, but I like the colors and style and it goes with a lot of things so I'll see how much I wear it.
√ Gray Jockey exercise leggings - $14 at discount store - 1 wear: Work great and now it is cool enough to wear them to Pilates sessions

Left in my closet from prior Septembers - not much!
Orange sweater - love the color; it probably has just one more season

? Black chinos and black dress slacks - need to be replaced this year with colors that work better for me at this stage. I have been wearing the black chinos though and reserving the black dress slacks for cold weather needs.

Orange & hot pink wicking shirts, black yoga pants and black/grey exercise capris - will keep using as they are still fine, but would buy different colors now



  1. You knew I would love this post:-). What a lot of wear you have gotten out of your September purchases - amazing!

    1. You inspired me to do this and I found it so helpful. I'm going to try to do it for a year but you know how plans go LOL.

  2. I really like this post, Juhli. You were very thorough in your evaluations and did quite well with your September buys. I like the idea of you evaluating pieces from two months prior to make sure you had ample time to wear things. I'm impressed with how often you are wearing your new purchases! That's a testament that you did a good job with your shopping. Good for you! You're showing that successful consignment shopping CAN be done. I swore off it for awhile, but after going back to it again in August, I fared much better. So much of it is in having the right mindset, which you surely do!

    1. Thank you Debbie. I am enjoying playing around with my "new" color palette and trying to find my style for my current age and retirement lifestyle so consignment shopping is a good fit for me. The store I shop at most does allow returns and I am making sure to spend at least 2 hours shopping before I buy anything.


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