Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My "Un-Lazy Summer" Plans to live a full life

I've been busy making plans (one of my super powers) for summer so I won't sit around inside basking in air conditioning instead of living a full life.

So what is scheduled?

I'll continue Pilates once a week and my half day of library volunteering. I'll go to my book club summer swim party and will (making a commitment here) read the book too.

I've also decided to delve into listening to music again and have started by listening to one of our CDs a day - really listening, not putting it on as background noise. If I don't like it though it is leaving the house as part of our ongoing pre-move belongings reduction.

I'm thinking about pulling out my drawing supplies as another activity. Perhaps I can find a free tutorial/inspiration series online.

We have coordinated plans with our sons and DILs and booked a vacation trip to CA for late July. We will all be together for a weekend (yeah!) and then we will stay a few days more to visit with other family members. The dog gets a vacation out of this too as she stays with her former foster family who she loves dearly.

Then there are the 6 (gasp) OLLI courses I just signed up for while telling myself that I will go to each and every one except when we are gone on our trip. Hold me to that please. I signed up for an interesting variety of courses held on three different days and then will also have the opportunity to attend some Lunch 'n Learns one day. So here is what I signed up for - a mix of history, music, current events, & (non) religion:

  • Behind the Scenes of the Revolutionary War -  Join us for lectures on myths of the revolution, spies, court martial findings, American Indian wars, naval traditions, and colonial medicines/cures. As time permits, subjects may also include clothing, uniforms, weapons, and home life during the Revolutionary War period.
  • Sight and Sound - Famous Popular, Folk, and Classical Music From Around the World - Using music videos we will explore the enduring songs, singers, and folk instrumentals from many countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Russia, Japan, North Africa, the Celtic World and the Americas. Music that has enchanted people from other countries will delight and educate. Background information and brief biographies will be provided.
  • The Atlanta Beltline Project and Streetcars in Atlanta -  The Atlanta BeltLine is the most comprehensive transportation and economic development effort undertaken in Atlanta and among the most wide-ranging urban redevelopment programs underway in the US. The BeltLine is a sustainable redevelopment project that will provide a network of public parks, multi-use trails and modern streetcar transit along a historic 22-mile railroad corridor circling downtown and connecting many neighborhoods. The class will cover BeltLine history, project updates, and long-range plans. It will also touch on streetcars in Atlanta from 1890 and the planned Atlanta Streetcar System, which includes the BeltLine. The class will culminate with a 3 hour tour of the BeltLine.
  • The Brain Times: Neuroscience in the News - Interested in learning more about how the brain works? We will explore basic functions of the brain and discuss diseases that impact the brain. We will then discuss various examples of neuroscience in the world today.
  • The Middle Age: From Byzantine in the East to High Gothic in the West -  Images, objects, and structures from this 800 year period as viewed from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Atheism and Secularism: An Introduction - This course will be divided into six sessions. Part I: Purposes, labels, definitions, and questions. Part II: Main arguments for theism and atheism. Part III: Secularism--history and logic of church/state. Part IV: Religion and Morality. Part V: History of Atheism. Part VI: Resources, questions, and conclusions.
What do you have lined up for summer?


  1. I am looking forward to a summer at home, quiet except for visiting family. The pace picks up again in September.

  2. Wow Juhli - you'll be so busy! Good for you - love the range of courses :-). My summer will be 4-5 weeks off from work. Plan is to stay in DK, but if the weather continues to be this cold, that just might change!

    1. You lucky Danes! Work vacations aren't so long here. I will be busy and I was wondering if I had booked too much to do when I was entering it all in my calendar this morning. However, I need a reason to get out of my house and the out of doors will be a hot, humid mess so hopefully this will work and its just for 6 weeks.


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