Thursday, April 2, 2015

Month 3: Goal progress report

Here's my report of how I did in March.

March 2015

1. Eat to reduce bad cholesterol levels - not pastry/cookies out, less meat and even more vegetables. Weigh self daily and record.

- I am struggling with this to be honest. I have the habit of going to the coffee shop to get out of the house and then I eat something unhealthy.
- We are also struggling with selecting the foods that will help my husband with his gout, my low salt needs, etc. while being healthy. So many competing food needs due to health issues and conflicting scientific advice. I am working on creating a list of entrees that meet all of our criteria so I am not making it up each week.
- My husband can no longer drink wine or beer due to his gout problem so I have joined in abstaining except when out to eat or at book club. Fewer calories!

2. Work out at home with weights AND do stretch DVD program at least twice a week AND walk on other days (unless traveling, etc.).

- Also struggling with this. I hurt my foot so walking has been a challenge. I have settled on a spot for my indoor exercise that works. With my husband's gout problems we were discussing that we may have to take up swimming as our exercise program in the future instead of walking but for now I am walking.
- Monday I did the stretch DVD and floor and weight exercises I learned at the gym and am sore today which is good. Tuesday was a walking and yard work day. Another habit to form as I am determined to be physically strong, flexible and have good balance as I get older. 

2. Buy the clothing needed to have a wardrobe I love to wear that fits my life right now.

- Added 2 scarves that I really like although that doesn't really help with my hot weather wardrobe needs. I have made a list of stores to try for shorts, sundresses, tops, etc. and need to make myself schedule visiting them and just do it.

3. Go through all files, office supplies and my books and only keep what brings me happiness, is used regularly or will be used up over time. This has been expanded to include getting rid of other items as I encounter them and trying to only replace not add to our stuff.

- I eliminated 86 items and 1/2" of paper from the house.
- What came in: a bathmat replacing the current one, a hanging shoe holder replacing 5 shoe boxes and 2 scarves for my wardrobe.

4. Disentangle from all of my volunteer roles for the Friends of the Library in preparation for moving in 2017.

- I updated my files so I can transfer them to new people as appropriate.

Then there are the mushier goals.

5. Love and be loved.

- Friends: Spent another evening with my lovely women friends at book club and had lunch with a friend.
- Family: My husband and I went out to dinner twice, out to lunch three times, on two walks, and to an comedy show.

6. Have fun - and I'm adding, have adventures.

- Need to work on figuring out what fun and adventures are for me at this time of life.

7. Find joy in everyday life even when it involves chores LOL.

- Our little dog has passed the one year mark for living with adrenal failure (Addison's disease) and her tests show she is doing fine on the medication regime we are following. It has taken time for me to learn what is normal variation in her energy and activity and what signifies a need for additional medication between her monthly shots but we are at a nice stable approach now. She is a daily source of joy for both of us so this is a great outcome.

So, what's on deck for April?

- Warmer weather will enable more walking outdoors which I prefer. It also brings more yard work.
- I've identified a number of things we could do for fun: an antique car parade, free concerts, and two art festivals. We also will celebrate our 34th anniversary, our son's 32nd birthday and a DILs birthday although the latter two are long distance unfortunately.
- I have book club and will attend.
- The two OLLI classes I signed up for begin and I have committed to attending all sessions. One is "Art in Havana" and the other is "Eight Retired Physicians Share Their Expertise on Timely Medical Topics".  
- My husband has three overnight business trips and I will carefully plan what to eat while he is gone so I don't slip and eat poorly out of lack of desire to cook - although I may treat myself to going out!
- I will visit the stores I have listed and buy enough clothing for my hot weather wardrobe and quit obsessing about it!


  1. Juhli, you sound kind of discouraged. Don't be! From my perspective, looking at your list of accomplishments in March, you are doing great! You set quite a difficult group of tasks for yourself, and the fact that you are making progress on many of them is wonderful. You got rid of 86 books, files, etc. - Wow! You are working on a list of recipes for your food restrictions; it takes time, but in the end it is worth it, from my experience giving up sweets, gluten, corn, and most dairy. You're working on your wardrobe - keep it up. Rome was not built in a day, and we can't tear it down and revise in in a day either. Keep up the good work!

    1. I had to laugh at your feedback Rin! As a recovering perfectionist/high achiever I have trouble not meeting all of my goals although as a former executive coach I am well versed in the change process. I do keep at it.

  2. Juhli, I just started reading your blog and I have to say that we seem to have set very similar goals for ourselves this year. And my husband has gout, too, which has made it very difficult to walk together any more. He taught me to swim when I was 50 (13 years ago) and now we swim laps together 3-4 times a week. Water aerobics is helpful, too. I've done it for years and he agreed to try it - turns out that it helps his joints more than lap swimming. And it's fun to be at the pool around other people who enjoy the water.

    1. I'm glad to hear that swimming/water aerobics is working out for you. I think we may do that after my husband retires in 2 years. Right now I am walking, doing a beginner yoga/stretch dvd and weights at home. My husband is walking when his foot doesn't hurt and doing physical therapy for shoulder muscle tears.

  3. It's hard to form new habits, but keep at it, you'll get there! :) I'm glad to hear that your beautiful dog is doing well on her meds! That's great news! :) It sounds like you have a great month ahead planned!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Carla.