Sunday, October 7, 2012

Week's fun and progress report

I'm doing well on two of my self made CHALLENGES and seeing clearly the problem on the third. I did exercise more including two long walks at Piedmont park with the dog. I'm also living well with my Project 333 wardrobe (33 items for 3 months). Not that I had a lot of clothes to start with but this is working quite well.

The problem I see clearly is I really like going out for a latte and snack and it is a costly indulgence over time. Good behaviorist that I am I know I need to substitute some other activity or way to provide that afternoon boost. Ideas? 

We had a very enjoyable time so far this weekend. The aforementioned walk in Piedmont park on Saturday included my hubby and was during the farmer's market and many other activities. We went to a very interesting play Saturday afternoon and had a very good dinner at a Thai restaurant on Friday night. 

During the week I was productive - did some paid work, held Friends of the Library board meeting and we gave $10,000 to the library for collection additions, a Goodwill drop off and some files decluttered, flu shot and dentist visit, checked our credit reports, volunteered at the library, and all the usual stuff of life and home plus reading books. Still had time to be bored so need to do more next week!

Planned for next week - more paid work, library volunteering, continuing to exercise, yard clean up for fall, and unfortunately a funeral for the son of a friend. I will find some fun/interesting things for us to do as well. This month is a photography celebration with exhibits all over the place and many openings. I'm going to hit at least one of those.

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