Monday, May 21, 2012

This week's mini-goals

It will be a busy, busy week for volunteering and I want to keep up with my health/physical fitness related activities.

- This week we have a big book sale on Saturday as a Friends of the Library fundraiser.  I will spend all day Saturday and 2 half days on this
- Attend an evening meeting.

- Follow up again with clients in current project

SORTA PASS/SORTA FAIL - Keep up with daily physical therapy exercises - M,T,W, F, Su
- Physical therapy session on Tuesday
FAIL - Walk dog daily unless raining- T,W,Su - It rained on Monday, I was just too tired to do this Thursday.  Thank goodness she will run laps in the house and hubby walked Saturday!
- Pilates session on Wednesday

Home Chores:
- Do some yard work
FAIL - Clean paperwork off of desk and remove old files from file cabinet

FAIL - Get a second bid on the yard work we can't do


  1. Holy Cow: What a list! I'd like to be you. Every item you've named is on my list, too, but somehow seeing everything laid out so clearly also makes it seem as if you are actually accomplishing something. Congratulations. You are setting a good example for those of us who are staring at the piles and files and yard work and the dog with trepidation as they seem to get bigger and taller, causing me to think that it's probably time to move and shed all of it. But I'm not at all certain what to do next which is why I've started my own blog - The Little Old Lady Stays Put (or doesn't) I am looking at how and where others are living in hopes of clarifying my own situation. As well as meeting other bloggers and getting their ideas. So, please pay us a visit, and let us know what you think. Jackie AKA LOL

    1. Thanks Jackie. I do love your blog and will try it again in my blog list - it had stopped updating for some reason so I took it off but its back now. If I don't have a list the days just seem to ooze by with little accomplished!

  2. I have been shamed by all the work you have been doing in your yard to the point of finally calling my crazy friend who LOVES slaving away in dirt and weeds to come over and help me get things in order. We are going to meet up for breakfast, catch up (she was in FL all winter), go plant shopping and then end up back at my place for gardening.

    1. What a great friend to have! Unlike your plans to pretty up the place I am merely trying to push back the rampant growth of bushes, vines and weeds. I bet your yard will look lovely and you will have a good time catching up. Enjoy.

  3. Like you I have an organised yard, we entertain in our yard eat in our patio and our Grandchildren spend hours out there playing, it's just an extension of our house.
    Plus we grow a lot of our Veg out there....

    1. Your yard must be very welcoming. Ours is mostly a look at from the house yard except for the small patio but we enjoy the greenery.

  4. Great list... I'm going to work on my weekly "to do" list today as well.. A daily list is doing me in!! Good luck on your list!

    1. I'm always in awe of your lists! You seem to have so much energy.


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