Sunday, May 20, 2012

This and that

It's been a busy and fun day so far.  We walked to a nearby restaurant for breakfast after I put up a load of wash.  When we got home we took the dog to a nearby nature preserve that we hadn't visited and walked her for a while.  I'd say I walked 3+ miles on hilly terrain so far today.   The laundry is drying and I called my Mom for a chat.

A kitchen cupboard needs cleaning because I sprayed bug spray in it after seeing a bug go in (yuck) and I want to make more progress on my desk and file cabinet.

As I look back at the week I feel like I got a lot accomplished and exercised a lot both officially and in the process of doing other things.  I found I did not really enjoy my new volunteer gig as an outdoor kitchen assistant so once my commitment for this seasons programs is over I am not going to do that anymore.  I think I will redouble my efforts at fundraising for the library instead and try to create a group to take walks/have local field trips with instead.

What has your week looked like?  Are you happy with what you got done?  Are you doing anything fun today?


  1. What a nice day your are enjoying. We have had a fun and productive week with some much needed rest and play time today

  2. Your thighs are going to feel it tomorrow after walking on hilly ground, sounds like a blissful weekend...

    1. It was a good weekend and I fell into bed exhausted last night. Hope yours was good too.


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