Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thanks Mom!

Happy Mother's Day to everyone who is one and thanks to my wonderful sons and husband for making it possible for me to celebrate this day!

My own Mom grew up without her mother who died when she was only 5 and had been in a TB Sanitarium for some time before that.  However, she acquired a wonderful step mom who loved her as her own daughter and who she loved as her Mom in return. My Mom is 90 years old so she lived through the Great Depression as a child and through WWII as a young adult.  She met my Dad at a USO dance and at the next dance couldn't remember his name or see him in the crowd so she described what he looked like to some other young airmen and they figured out who she meant and went and got him!  The rest is history thankfully for me.  Here they are on their wedding day right before the war ended.  Love you Mom and miss you Dad.


  1. Like your Mum my Dad turns 90 this year and my Mum will be 86 so I feel really blessed to still have them with us. My MIl is also 84 there can't be too many couples in their sixties who still have 3 of 4 parents. Hope I inherit the good genes....

    1. Maureen, I think you are correct that few have that many parents alive at that age. My FIL is still going strong as is my Mom so we feel very lucky too.


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