Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ready for a Granny Flat or Granny Pod?

I am off visiting my 90 year old Mom.  Right before I left I read this article about very interesting Granny Flat structures -In The Backyard, Grandma's New Apartment 

I am particularly taken with the units called PALS - Practical Assisted Living Units that are attached to your home either temporarily or permanently and provide direct access to the main home as well as outside.

Would you live in one of these attached to a child's home?  I would.


  1. These are great ideas/solutions. And yes, I could live in one.

  2. How cool is that!!! Our DD's neighborhoods would never let one in, to many restrictions

  3. We converted half of our daughter's detached garage into a fully equipped one-bedroom apartment (460 square feet). We love it, we love being 50 yards from our daughter and her family, we love the area, we love being able to spend a week or two with them without feeling we're getting in their way. While we still live mainly in our own regular home some 500 miles away, we are seriously thinking of eventually living full-time in our new "Little House", as our granddaughters call it.

  4. These are truly great ideas.We offer granny flats, transportable homes, holiday shacks, and modular homes.Utilize the extra space in your home by transforming it into Granny Flats for your gets.


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