Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Good spending and spending averted!

This past weekend was one of shopping for Christmas gifts, cold weather clothes and household items.  The happy spending results:  All Christmas gifts bought on-line and shipped directly and/or a check mailed.  Long underwear pants for me so my legs don't freeze when walking the dog.  An adjustable standing wire closet shelf for the coat closet - now we each have our own shelf and that helps reduce ongoing reorganizing.
The spending averted was more interesting however in that it shows how our "monkey" minds work to our detriment. 

I was shopping for those long underwear pants and my thoughts immediately were "Oh look.  Matching tops.  I need one of those too."  I walked around the store looking at other things for few minutes before it dawned on me that I am never cold on top walking the dog so why would I need a long underwear top? 

The second episode was a duet.  "Let's replace those lampshades like we have been talking about" I said (They are rusted and tearing LOL).  Then I continued, "Let's get new lamps too!" and my husband went "Great".  So shopping we went.  Fortunately we didn't find any lamps we liked in the stores or online.  A few hours later hubby said, "Let's just replace the lampshades."  I agreed.  At least $300 saved just like that.


  1. That's the way to do it! Good job! I'm guilty of the same though... lol!

  2. Thanks Carla. I can only laugh at the way our human minds work.


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