Sunday, October 30, 2011

Decluttering Challenge - Clean out basement

I have a week in town with quite a bit of consulting work preparation to do before another business trip followed quickly by a visit to my 90 year old mother.  So I am only going to start on the basement after I finish sweeping out the shed later today between leaf raking chores. 

We have already decided to store all of the patio furniture in the storage area in the carport so that will remove 2 chairs from the basement.  I already removed the old dehumidifier, a Christmas tree stand and old paint as well as replacing the old smoke detector.  I don't think that leaves much to actually remove from the house but we'll see.  It is finally getting colder here and the basement is unheated so I want to get it done this week.  Our laundry area is down there and can use anything I can come up with to make it less onerous to go there to do the laundry each week.  Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck! I hope you have better luck than I did. I was supposed to de-clutter my laundry room this week but didn't get to it. :(. Also, the snow yesterday delayed our plans to clear off the deck furniture. Hopefully I can get to it this week!

  2. The snow storm sounds like it was major for a lot of people. We didn't put away our patio furniture either as raking leaves took up chore time today. The good news about focusing my efforts is it is making it easier to ask my hubby to do specific things to help - he finished sweeping out the shed today. Onward to the basement when I need a break from my consulting prep.

  3. No basement in the house, but we worked on our garage some today, after raking leaves. There just is never enough time, is there?

  4. I did a challenge in August to get rid of 25 things a day. I don't have a very cluttered house, so it was hard. We got an ipod and put our music on it and got rid of CD's and got rid of books we don't absolutely love. I got rid of stained items or things that don't fit. It feel so good to have things cleaned up. It takes much less time to clean the house now. I feel a great sense of freedom and don't feel burdened by cleaning.


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