Sunday, September 4, 2011

A Bit Less Yard Work

I often feel overwhelmed by the maintenance required by our yard.  When we bought this house we had moved from Southern California to Atlanta and thought a landscape with no grass and lots of trees and plants was lovely - and it is.  But that was before we knew about kudzu and other invasive plants, the cost of maintaining trees, the joys (not!) of doing yard work in heat and humidity, etc.  I have been trying to reduce the amount of yard work there is to do without hiring regular help.  Last year I did hire help to get all the bushes pruned.  We always hire out the tree work.  But generally we prune, weed, rake, spray for pests, etc.

In the last few weeks I've eliminated a tiny bit of the work.  Gone is the bird feeder.  After a tree fell and smashed the metal garbage can storing the seed I decided not to buy a new container.  I moved 3 bushes that always grew into the walkway.  Now they won't need pruning.  Gone are three flower pots.  One left out on the curb moved on to a new home within the hour.  The two others went into the plastic recycling bin.  I kept the pot of rosemary as I like to add it to roast chicken and I also kept 3 pots of geraniums that cheer the patio. 
Slowly it gets easier!

Have you found anything (other than hiring more help) that made maintaining your yard or home easier?

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