Monday, September 5, 2011

The Anti-Aging Industry

I recently read an article in the newspaper about the huge and growing market for anti-aging interventions including cosmetic surgery, dietary supplements, skin care products, workout programs, and many others.  The numbers were astonishing.  The article said that the anti-aging industry takes in about $80 billion now with estimates of growth to $114 billion by 2015.

I do not participate too much in this industry, but I have taken advantage of some things.  I had treatment for spider veins on my legs so I would feel less self conscious wearing shorts.  I am diligent about going to Pilates.  I recently got braces again (revisiting my 14 year old self) to repair problems that could have resulted in the loss of teeth.  I take a multivitamin supplement and use a moisturizer with sunscreen on my face.  I tell myself that the last two products are part of my preventative health plan. The same with my braces and weekly Pilates training sessions.

I don't personally plan to use more extreme anti-aging interventions, but I wonder what is reasonable and part of maintaining health versus what is fear of normal aging.  Seeing our appearance change and other evidence of the aging process makes it hard to deny that our time is limited.  How far to go to try to fight those changes is a personal choice.   I do wonder though where all that money could be put to a more productive use.

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