Thursday, March 7, 2024

Thriving Thursday Week 10

Happiness, Comfort & Health

Homemade Pumpkin pecan muffins made with yogurt instead of oil made us both happy and provided a stash for the freezer. Each fall I buy 10 to 12 cans of Trader Joe’s pumpkin while it is in stock as they have a great price. Do love pumpkin muffins!

The pup got his every 2 months bath and haircut. He is so excited to be at the groomer’s that he brought smiles to all the bystanders’ faces as we struggled to get him into their leash and out of his harness while he just wanted to give the groomer kisses. 

And some good news about the flu. Apparently the pandemic made one B flu strain disappear for the past 4 years so it will be dropped from next year’s vaccine which means more doses can be produced as the formula is simpler. That means more doses worldwide. Flu vaccine

Minding our Money (and the Environment)

Balanced the books for February and am quite happy I moved a lot of our savings into CDs while the rates are up.

Entered the data for our taxes using TurboTax. I still need to double check everything and finish. It took me quite a while because selling a house added complexity and required searching for old paperwork. We owe quite a bit as it was Hubby’s first full year receiving Social Security in addition to his pension and I forgot to increase our estimated tax payments. 

Making Home Upkeep Easier (and keeping things in good repair)

Hubby did use Superglue borrowed from our son to fix some cabinet veneer that had come loose in the rarely used 2nd bathroom. Not the best cabinet but it serves its purpose.

Emergency Prep Project

We finally checked emergency supplies we had in our car against a list we made for car breakdowns. A gallon of water plus a few additional things are back in our car and we ordered a small first aid kit, fix a flat canister, & 2 reflective vests. I will type up a list of what is kept in the car and put on the calendar to check batteries and expiration dates as appropriate.

Next step is to plan several evacuation routes. The city has one I need to print out and I ordered local, area, and state paper maps from AAA in case phones aren’t working. 

Then we need to put together Go Bags for each of us and for the dog for if we have a to evacuate quickly for wildfires. After that is adding to our earthquake/power outage/shelter in place supplies especially more water, coverings for broken windows and lighting.


  1. I found your blog through another blogroll, and it's so neat to see another like-minded person that's into being prepared! I like your idea of the reflective vests to keep in the car. I need to add that to my list!

  2. Like the idea of reflective vests.... Might have to get us some.

    God bless.

  3. I have a 'Go Bag' and one of the things I have in it is a space blanket---also good to have in your car. I have solar powered phone charger that I keep on a windowsill and the Go Bag has a list attached of last minute things to grab like the charger and phone. I also have a little solar powered/crank powered radio as well. Thanks for the reminder to check it. I need to put that on my calendar for spring (tornado season) and fall (winter power outages).


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