Friday, December 29, 2023

Frugal Friday: the year is almost over!

More little home improvements and repairs plus other little frugalities this week.

1. After the first hard rain since we moved in we found a leak at one of the windows. Hubby was able to caulk the opening after it dried out. Another rain and it didn’t leak!

2. The long piece of what I thought was metal threshold left in the garage turned out to be kitchen cabinet baseboard and end caps. The cabinet installation by the previous owner was a bit sloppy in places and there was no end cap in the most visible spot. Hubby cut one of the new pieces to fit and it is visually much better. We need a dab of glue to hold it though and will have to buy some.

3. I was given loose tea from Portugal for Christmas and thought of using our French press to steep it as I have no teapot. Worked fine and the tea is quite nice.

4.  πŸ§πŸŽ…πŸͺOne of Santa’s elves left a bag of cookies on our porch Christmas Eve. I suspect the main elf is about 9 years old and lives up the street. Will be investigating the identity of the elves so we can thank them and let them know they are delicious.

5. Prepared the forms to submit to get rebates on our federal employee health insurance since we have Medicare as primary.

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