Sunday, September 3, 2023

Week 35: Turning 74, more flagstone down

I made it to 74 Friday! Hubby asked what I wanted to do for my birthday so we went to the Rosie the Riveter National Historic Park and then to the local funky wine bar for a birthday eve adventure.

I clearly remember my Dad turning 75 because we had a surprise party for him. He was quite spry, upbeat and enthusiastic at that age. A very good role model. He died at 88, but had lots of cardiovascular issues since his 50s that fortunately I didn't inherit. 

I also remember my Mom’s special 80th birthday party as she was so happy. She made it to 93 despite similar health issues plus others that I also haven’t seemed to inherit. 

Hopefully I inherited the longevity genes and there are many more birthdays ahead without their health problems.

Otherwise an ordinary week.

Hubby got groceries a day early on Monday as we were scrounging for lunches we wanted to eat - not that we would have to go hungry. Yes, we are spoiled by choices and abundance. We watched the landscapers cut and move thick pieces of flagstone.

Tuesday we met with the painting company estimator to discuss solutions for the concrete patio and checked in on more flagstone work. We still don’t have an estimate - sigh.

Wednesday was quite hot for here and we met with the landscape designer at a local plant nursery to start picking out new plants and yet more flagstone work by that team.

Thursday the temperature took a big dive with a chilling wind but my birthday adventure was mostly inside. My big brother called with birthday wishes so he wouldn’t forget😁 Hubby spent all morning placing flagstone in the patio space and made great progress. I tried on the shoes I had ordered and kept 2 of 3 pairs so now I am set for shoes and happy feet for fall.

Friday was my actual birthday. Our son stopped by with some gifts and a visit. I enjoyed the birthday wished sent in many forms.

Saturday we went to our son and DILs house for lunch, to help with the garden and hang out. The baby slept through most of our visit but we got to hold her. We came home with lots of cherry tomatoes and green beans plus our older granddaughter. Nice one on one time. She wanted to play on our neighbors swings and play act restaurant complete with signs and more. She is very creative at this age and her reading and writing has progressed by leaps and bounds. She left a sidewalk chalk note for our neighbors saying “Your swings are fun”.

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  1. How lovely that you got to spend one on one time with your granddaughter. She left a wonderful note behind.

    God bless.


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