Friday, August 26, 2022

Frugal Friday Five

 Trying this out to join many other bloggers posting their Frugal Fridays. So here are mine with an emphasis on being frugal so as to not waste resources or stress the environment even more.

1. Monitoring the outdoor temp and opening windows and turning on ceiling fans as soon as it is cooler outside than inside so AC is not used. Also opening in the morning. The grid is stressed enough.

2. Used up cornmeal son and DIL gave us as they are off traveling soon for 2 or 3 months by making cornbread. Serving with leftover homemade chicken and lentil soup and salads.

3. Mending again  - this time another tear in a dog toy and a sheet hem come undone.

4. Neighbors offered to take our two large trash items to the large item trash disposal tomorrow. Just a wood cutting board that has cracked and the old top dishwasher rack. The bottom rack is still on back order due to supply chain issues. One less car idling in line saves us gas and the environment emissions. No extra trash disposal fee.

5. Happily accepted a cushy pet bed from same neighbor as their cat doesn’t use it and our pup likes it! He will really like it when the weather is cooler.

Bonus: drinking locally brewed beer so less transportation required 😉


  1. What a great list of frugal accomplishments.

    God bless.

  2. always best including beer. And wine. I think starting next week my frugal things will also be mainly no waste and upcycle kind of things. The pup is adorable

  3. That bed was too big for a cat.No wonder it didn't like it. They like small places where they can feel the sides when they curl up. Your dog is so cute and growing up fast.

    1. So true about cats. I believe they had 2 who liked to sleep together at the time they got the bed and now just the really old one is left.


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