Saturday, June 22, 2019

Six on Saturday - June 22nd

We had a lovely Father's Day with a lunch at our house with our older son and DIL then a Facetime with our younger son, DIL and granddaughter. Wonderful start to the week.

1. Our son and DIL made donuts for the first time as a gift for Hubby. He does love donuts.

2. We decided not to try to make a frame for my FIL's oil painting and found the perfect custom frame material at Michael's during a 70% off sale. It is going to look great in about 2 weeks and I'll share a photo then. I'm glad my husband is so happy with what we picked and that I can check that off of my Spring Bucket List.

3. Appliance repair man came and same conclusion I had come to. We need to replace entire frig water filter part. Ordered it and a replacement door shelf for cracked one. $382 for everything including labor. Much less than a new frig LOL. It is important to have working appliances when you sell one of these homes.

4. I've had 2 great OLLI summer lectures so far. This week's was on Palmyra's history and the additional, deliberate destruction by ISIS.

5. Is it really summer? We are still stuck in June Gloom. Chilly, damp, overcast much of the day. Ready for it to end.

6. And I'm so glad I looked up if coffee counts in your daily "water" intake. Mayo Clinic says it does along with tea and juice!

Hope your week was perfect for you!


  1. Yesterday our June gloom finally broke here, and it was glorious. Have faith, summer's coming!

    The pull of grandchildren is real, but thank goodness for Facetime. It doesn't replace being there, but it sure helps. Ours is coming in two weeks, and we may be even more excited than she is!

    Warm homemade donuts sound absolutely amazing. What a Fathers Day gift from the heart!

    1. Glad to hear summer is coming! We have had some glorious days but stuck in a gloom rut right now.

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing that about the coffee and tea counts in the daily water intake needed. I can quit feeling guilty.

  3. Woo hoo for coffee, tea and juice counting toward our water intake. All of the above have me running all day to the bathroom, that's for sure.

    Glad you found the perfect framing material for the painting. Can't wait to see it framed and on the wall.

  4. Good to know about the coffee and tea counting. I subscribe to the Mayo Clinic health newsletter which has lots of latest health info.

  5. All the things I've read about coffee say it's good for you, up to about 3 cups a day. I haven't done any research about donuts ... and I don't intend to!

  6. I count my tea and my sparkling water both....the no calories flavored and unflavored kind. Like Tom I wouldn't want to get into the relative value of donuts other than I love them.


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